What Are Consumers Looking For In EV?

In many domains, the rapidly changing human lifestyle has welcomed unusual transformations. Humans are building a strong affinity with the latest electric vehicle technologies in the transportation sector. As more people choose personal vehicles for public transit, de scootyisruptive and innovative electric vehicles have gently joined the market with impressive results. This section explains what buyers are looking for in an electric vehicle (EV).

What should you look for in an EV as a consumer?

Ever since the climate change summit became a global media sensation, electric vehicles have been constantly in the news. While several countries have committed strong support for electric automobiles, it appears that Indian consumers have already found a good buddy in EVs, particularly electric bikes or e-scooters.

If you're considering buying an EV, keep reading to find out what you should look for in an EV before you invest.

A. Mileage and Speed

These two factors must be considered before investing in an electric vehicle. The mileage and speed should be adequate. You must first determine why you are purchasing. Do you require an EV for your daily commute? If so, how far would you take your EV? Is there a daily distance restriction?

The bottom line is that if you frequently go to long-distance destinations and towns/cities, you will require an EV with high mileage.

Second, if you require a high-speed EV, both cost and performance will be compromised. According to experts, EVs with optimized or low speed might provide superior performance in terms of mileage. High-speed EVs can be both unstable and inefficient. 

So your best bet is to choose an EV with high mileage and optimized speed.

B. Price

The cost of an electric vehicle may appear to be the same or higher than that of a conventional vehicle, but breakthrough technologies are continually altering the market with cutting-edge and cost-effective products. It is believed that neither EV dealers nor buyers know enough about electric vehicles to predict how they will serve strategically.

electric bikesIf you are tight on budget, pick the most cost-effective EV that has received good reviews from previous buyers. You may have to forego some advanced technology in the process, but you will be profitable in the long term due to optimized efficiency and minimal maintenance.

The high cost of EVs is currently owing to expensive battery production technology, but most manufacturers are willing to provide innovation to reduce battery cost, which will eventually reduce the cost of EVs.

C. Charging and Discharging

It is connected to the battery's operation. It is a well-known fact that superior batteries aid in fast charging as well as the ability to hold energy for a longer amount of time. Subpar batteries are usually a source of concern because they take a long time to recharge and discharge quickly.

You must also consider the availability of charging infrastructure in your town or region. Because charging infrastructure is still being developed, it is prudent to get an EV with robust batteries that will not disappoint when charging and discharging.

Many Indian startups have also emerged, offering roadside charging or battery replacement services. In the near future, when all of the solutions are in place, electric vehicles will be in high demand.

D. Battery Lifespan and Warranty

The majority of the expense of an electric vehicle is borne by the battery. It is regarded as the most expensive component of an EV, particularly lithium-ion batteries. As a result, it is critical to evaluate the battery type and typical life expectancy. 

While standard and advanced Li-ion batteries have a lifespan of 5-8 years, many EV manufacturers such as AMO Electric Bikes, Hero, and Revolt Motors provide at least 3 years of battery warranty. 

E. Design and Appearance

Obviously, you don't want to be seen in an odd-looking battery scooter or e-car, therefore design, style, and appearance are important considerations when purchasing electric vehicles. If you are young, you would undoubtedly select something contemporary and appropriate to your age.

If you are elderly, you may want one that provides more comfort and ease of driving. The design and appearance will also reveal the build quality. If the designs and appearance are abnormal, the build quality may have been compromised.

F. Servicing and Support

Many inexperienced owners have ended up purchasing EVs in places with no service or assistance. This is especially unpleasant if you have spent a significant amount of money on the e-vehicle. Because EV technology or electric mobility is still in its early stages, users may encounter such service concerns.

e scooterAs a result, it is preferable to locate manufacturers or EV brands that already provide support and service in your area. Otherwise, you should avoid purchasing an EV with no nearby service center. You can search Google or Bing using search terms like

a. Electric Bike Showroom Near Me
b. Elctric scooty showroom near me
c. Electric scooter showroom near me
d. Electric bikes near me
e. Electric scooter agency near me
f. Electric bike showroom in lucknow

Search in Google or Bing will give you the nearest e-bike showroom or service center in your location. 

FAQs – Electric Bikes in India

A. Which EV is suitable for me?

Before answering that, you need to gauge whether you need a two-wheeler or 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for adult in India or four-wheeler electric vehicle. 

B. What is e scooter price in India?

The price of an e-scooter usually varies from brand to brand. Generally, a decent-quality e-scooter may cost anywhere between Rs. 50,000-60,000. But, these e-scooters or e-bikes may not have advanced Li-ion batteries. 

C. Is there any electric bike showroom in Jaipur?

Jaipur is a prime metropolitan hub that is bustling with new EV products. You can find a range of EV brands and electric bike and scooter dealership that comes with amazing servicing as well. AMO Electric Bikes, Okinawa, Hero Electric, etc. have their showrooms/dealerships in Jaipur. 

D. What are some of the best electric scooter under 80000?

There are numerous e-bikes available for less than Rs.80,000. However, if you want one with the finest mileage and optimal speed, AMO's Jaunty, Jaunty Plus, Inspirer, Brisk, Feisty EV are some of the best e-bike models available for under 80,000 Indian rupees. 

E. What is high speed electric scooter price in India?

If you want a high-speed electric scooter, it would likely cost mostly above Rs. 1-2 lakh. It is important to note that high-speed electric scooty or electric bike may not give optimal efficiency and mileage. But it is notable that AMO Electric Bikes’ high speed electric scooter Jaunty Plus comes @ Rs.74,460 (Ex-Showroom) after FAME 2 subsidy.

 Wrap Up:

Electric vehicle demand is expected to skyrocket. However, users must exercise caution when purchasing them, since many bogus EV products have already entered the Indian market. To make a purchase, you should thoroughly evaluate an EV brand and compare it to well-known brands.

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