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Jaunty L Low Speed 55-65Kms/C

Launching of the Jaunty L Electric Scooter

With great pleasure, Amo Mobility Solutions announces the introduction of the Jaunty L electric scooter, a new model in their popular two-wheeler EV line. Modern technology, strong performance, and useful features come together in the Jaunty L, which is a great option for commuters in towns and residents of densely populated regions.

Jaunty L electric scooter: Feature overview

The following is an extensive overview of Amo Mobility's Jaunty L electric scooter.

Impressive Range and Performance

With an amazing range of 55–65 kilometers at a full charge, the Jaunty L electric scooter guarantees that users can easily complete their regular travels without constantly stopping to refuel. With its modest speed and ecologically sound design, the Jaunty L is an ideal mode of transportation for commuters heading to short trips and crowded towns.

Robust Build and Comfort

The Jaunty L's BLDC motor, which is designed for maximum efficiency, provides trustworthy and sturdy performance. The scooter's 10-inch alloy front wheels and iron rear wheels provide a stable and well- balanced ride. For a pleasant and smooth ride over a range of surfaces or terrains, the rear suspension system is gas spring-loaded, and the front suspension system has a telescopic fork.

Advanced Electronic Features

Several cutting-edge electrical elements are included with the Jaunty L to improve riding with e-mobility systems. For increased convenience and safety, an automated parking brake is integrated into the e- scooty. The two-wheeler electric EV also has an electric reverse gear, which facilitates maneuvering in confined places. The presence of a hazard switch and cruise control further ensures a smooth and secure ride.

Entertainment and Connectivity

The Jaunty L has an optional Bluetooth audio system for users who want to listen to music while they're moving around. This enables customers to link their gadgets and listen to their preferred music while traveling. Riders also get a dashing LED speedometer, which displays information about the scooter's speed in a clear and easy-to-read manner.

Safety and Security

Amo Mobility Solutions continues to place a high priority on safety, as shown by the Jaunty L's extensive braking system, which includes front disc and drum brakes as well as rear drum brakes for improved stopping power on a variety of surfaces. In addition, an incorporated anti-theft alarm is also integrated to the e-scooter.

The scooter's dual LED headlights provide maximum brightness and visibility, while traditional bulbs light the tail light and indicators, making it easy to notify those around you. This electric scooty also features daytime running lights to improve safety and visibility for rides during the day.

Jaunty L with more practical and convenient features

The 3.0 x 10-inch CEAT/TVS tubeless tires on the Jaunty L are designed to provide improved durability against punctures. Plus, riders can also get a smooth, uninterrupted ride on eco-friendly terms.

Its dual LED headlamp, along with conventional tail lights and indicators in the bulb style, ensures bright and efficient illumination.

USB-based mobile charging is an optional feature that you can experience too. It’s designed for extra power and adds more value to the customers.

What sort of warranty is in place for the Jaunty L electric scooter?

The Jaunty L comes with a standard 13-month guarantee on the most vital components, such as the motor, controller, and chassis.

Amo backs up their lithium-ion battery technology with an industry-leading "12+2 months" warranty. For any faults that arise during the first three months, customers are entitled to a completely new replacement battery at no cost. For the next nine months, equivalent batteries will be supplied as replacements.

Jaunty L clients also benefit from Amo Mobility's broad nationwide dealer network, which provides excellent after-sales care.

Wrapping up

The Jaunty L e-scooter is an excellent choice for people living in crowded cities. This escooter is built to save more money on petrol costs over time.

The Jaunty L improves on the basic scooter design by adding strong aerodynamics, design, and unique features. With a reasonable speed and range, the Jaunty L can navigate heavy traffic and commute to work or shopping in an affordable and sustainable manner.

Visit your nearest Amo electric scooter dealer or showroom to get a test ride with Jaunty L. Experience the new standard in affordable electric mobility with the latest Jaunty L electric scooty!

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Electric Bike Features

State-of-the-art features, intelligently allocated spaces and a battery that gets charged in quick time. The Jaunty L has everything you need in an electric bike.


The Jaunty L scooters comes in 5 vibrant colours. Pick the one that perfectly suits your unique personality.

electric Scooter charger

Electric Scooter Battery

A powerful Li-ion battery is used to power up this ev bike beast from Amo Electric bikes. When most batteries have failed in the market, our superiorly designed batteries are made to last long and give you maximum range on the road. Made with advanced technology, our batteries require no such extreme maintenance and care. With an extended lifespan, these batteries are certainly reliable and have high performance.

Jaunty L batteries can be charged quickly using the standard charging cable. In case of urgency, you can get it charged to 60 percent capacity in less than 120 minutes. For a full charge, you will need to charge the e-scooter for 3-5 hours. The best part about batteries is that they are waterproof with an airtight sealing, which won’t let the batteries get wet and damaged easily.


Speed Low Speed
Grade ability
Motor Type High efficiency BLDC
Range 55-65Kms/C
Ground Clearance
Seat Height
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Brake Type (Front) Disc/Drum
Brake Type (Rear) Drum
Frame and Suspension
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Spring Loaded Gas
Frame Type HSS
Frame Materials
Safety Features
Speed Control Switch
Anti Theft Alarm Yes
Hazard Switch Yes
0-60%(Home Charging Time )
0-100%(Home Charging Time )
Fast Charging
Speedometer LED
Tyre and Wheel
Wheel Size (Front/Rear) 10" Alloy/ iron
Wheel Size(Front) 10”
Wheel Size(Rear) 10”
Tyre Type Tube less
Tyre Size 3.0*10"
Style Enhancing Features
Headlights Dual LED
Tail Lights Bulb
Indicators Bulb
Day Time Running Light Yes
Additional Features
USB Based Mobile Charging Yes (Optional)
Music System Bluetooth (Optional)
Warranty 13 months on motor, controller, chassis
Safety Features
Side stand sensor
Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS)
Front Disc Brake
Engine Kill Switch
Performance Enhancing Features
Range of 108*Km
Wheel size (10x3.0), designed for high pickup
Light Weight (Kerb Weight = 58 Kg)
High Ground clearance ( 160mm)
Robust Chassis
Gradeability = 18°
Speed Control Switch
Style Enhancing Features
LED Lights
Digital Display
Telescopic fork Suspension
Ergonomic Design
Some additional Features
Mobile Charging

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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