Model power * speed * range charging speed
Jaunty Plus 1.265KW >50kmph 108*+Km 4 HOURS

Jaunty Plus - High Speed Electric Scooter In India

Two Wheeler Electric Scooter In India

Their presence serves a variety of interests at a time when the world is seeing a volatile spike in fossil fuel prices as well as the looming threat of climate change. AMO Electric Bikes enters the electric vehicle market with a clear mission: to mitigate the harm caused by the two challenges outlined above: climate change and rising fuel prices. The all new Amo Jaunty Plus is a powerful domestic electric two wheelers that is designed to help the environment.

Electric Scooter Under Fame Subsidy Category

The Jaunty plus e scooter come under fame subsidy model and has 3 years of warranty. High Speed Electric bikes and electric scooters are the products that are attracting the most attention in the media.

Best Performing Electric Scooter

Jaunty Plus, a high-speed electric scooter which is loaded with power, performance, features in its aerodynamically designed body and super safe ride. Visit your local AMO dealership to bring home a comfortable and smooth riding buddy for this festive carnival.

Electric Scooter with High Safety Features

Packed with advanced electronics and safety features, Jaunty Plus is a distinguished ev scooter model that is perfected for Indian roads and congestions. This e bikes high gradeability and mileage/range are only two of its many impressive qualities. The sturdy Jaunty Plus is high speed electric scooter constructed using sustainable and eco-friendly methods that are always beneficial to the environment. The Jaunty Plus electric scooty is not only affordable, but it also has a long track record of excellent performance and efficiency.

Best Electric Bike for a Comfortable Ride

The powered scooter 1.265 KW Motor integrated into the rear wheel produces greater torque and swift pickup that pushes you ahead of others on the road. Do you want a little more excitement? To reach a speed of less than 50 kmph, simply twist the accelerator. Are you considering a long distance ride? With a range of 120 kilometers, Jaunty Plus can easily transport you from one town to another. Powered by a brushless DC motor, Jaunty Plus has a gradeability of 18 degrees, which is enough to drive through moderate slopes.

The Jaunty Plus is a regular or everyday scooters electric with a dynamic shape for increased durability and agility. The vehicle's dimensions of 1840mm x 690mm x 1070mm (LxWxH) allow it to make a bold statement on the road that others will enviously admire. With a ground clearance of 160mm and a seat height of 730mm, the Jaunty ev bikes is spookily elevated for ultimate driving comfort.

The front wheel's telescopic fork suspension and the rear wheel's spring-loaded gas suspension are an ideal combination for comfort and a smooth driving. The sophisticated material composition employed in the Jaunty Plus had already created a buzz, and now the electric moped has been lauded for its lightning-quick braking with front disc and rear drum brakes, respectively.

Electric Scooter - Strong Li-ion Detachable Battery

Let's have a look at the Jaunty Plus batteries now. A strong Li-ion detachable battery powers the Jaunty Plus, which also has a battery swapping system. With greater electric bike mileage, this amazing feature has eliminated range concerns. Fast and mobile charging is offered for the electric scooter. A 60 percent charge in two hours and a 100 percent charge in 3-5 hours will surely stun you.

Electric Bike with Best Safety and Security Features

The most appealing aspect of the Jaunty Plus is that it is a futuristic electric motorcycle with advanced sensors and electronics. With its electronic functionality, from EABS to engine-kill switch, Jaunty+ is extremely satisfying. Anti-theft and central locking systems are two further electronic elements in the Jaunty+ designed to improve e vehicle security. The speed control switch is another advanced feature of this electric scooty.

Tubeless tyres on alloy wheels are appropriate for the instantly recognizable electric scooter india and both the front and rear wheels are 10-inches in diameter, which is typical for superb directional stability and ease of riding. The wheels on Jaunty Plus are composed of high-quality resources, ensuring that they last a long time and strengthening the e-scooter.

Stylish Electric Bike with High Storage

The best electric scooter two wheeler model, the Jaunty Plus, has extra functions that make mobility more pleasant and effortless. It has a dragonfly-shaped front with an LED headlight and bulb tail lights. Large under-seat storage, digital display, USB-based charging, daytime running light, and other conveniences are included in this iconic electric vehicle.

At AMO Mobility Solutions, we reckon that e mobility is the answer to mounting ecological issues. We're offering you eco-friendly battery bikes that move the needle towards a future that is renewable, pure, and secure. The new Jaunty Plus electric scooters are light, attractive, and seamless, all of which are impressive qualities. Some other popular models by AMO Electric Bikes are here for your choice. For medium range you can choose Jaunty, Inspirer, Jaunty Pro, Feisty EV and Brisk. For disabled or senior citizens AMO also has a three wheel electric scooter Jaunty 3W.

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Electric Bike Features

State-of-the-art features, intelligently allocated spaces and a battery that gets charged in quick time. The Jaunty Plus has everything you need in an electric bike.


The Jaunty ev scooters comes in 5 vibrant colours. Pick the one that perfectly suits your unique personality.

electric Scooter charger

Electric Scooter Battery

A powerful Li-ion battery is used to power up this ev bike beast from Amo Electric bikes. When most batteries have failed in the market, our superiorly designed batteries are made to last long and give you maximum range on the road. Made with advanced technology, our batteries require no such extreme maintenance and care. With an extended lifespan, these batteries are certainly reliable and have high performance.

Jaunty Plus batteries can be charged quickly using the standard charging cable. In case of urgency, you can get it charged to 60 percent capacity in less than 120 minutes. For a full charge, you will need to charge the e-scooter for 3-5 hours. The best part about batteries is that they are waterproof with an airtight sealing, which won’t let the batteries get wet and damaged easily.


Power 1.265 KW
Speed > 50kmph
Grade ability 18 Degree
Motor Type Brushless DC
Range 108*+Km
Length 1840mm
Width 690mm
Height 1070mm
Ground Clearance 160mm
Seat Height 730mm
Kerb Weight 82kg
Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight 233kg
Brake Type(Front) Advance Combi Braking System
Brake Type(Rear) Advance Combi Braking System
Frame and Suspension
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Spring Loaded Gas
Frame Type High Rigid Tubular Frame
Frame Materials Steel
Safety Features
Speed Control Switch Yes
Side Stand Sensor Yes
0-60%(Home Charging Time ) 2 Hours*
0-100%(Home Charging Time ) 3-5 Hours*
Fast Charging Available
Rating 60V, 40Ah
Type Lithium
Display Digital
Tyre and Wheel
Wheel Type Alloy Wheel
Wheel Size(Front) 10”
Wheel Size(Rear) 10”
Tyre Type Tube less
Tyre Size(Front) 3.0X10”
Tyre Size (Rear) 3.0X10”
Style Enhancing Features
Headlights Led
Tail Lights Bulb
Indicators Bulb
Day Time Running Light Led
Additional Features
USB Based Mobile Charging Yes
Vehicle Warranty (T & C) 3 Years*
Battery Warranty (T & C) 3 Year*
Safety Features
Side stand sensor
Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS)
Front Disc Brake
Engine Kill Switch
Performance Enhancing Features
Range of 108*Km
Wheel size (10x3.0), designed for high pickup
Light Weight (Kerb Weight = 58 Kg)
High Ground clearance ( 160mm)
Robust Chassis
Gradeability = 18°
Speed Control Switch
Style Enhancing Features
LED Lights
Digital Display
Telescopic fork Suspension
Ergonomic Design
Some additional Features
Mobile Charging

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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