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Electric vehicles have already made a huge splash on the global market. Electric bikes and scooters have become extremely popular in India. Not only is the Indian market very competitive, but it also offers plenty of room for expansion as the demand for e vehicles develops at an exponential rate. If you're thinking about starting an electric scooter dealership, AMO Electric Scotter is the perfect brand to start.

Why Choose AMO Electric Bikes for Dealership?

Electric mobility is at an all-time high, with demand for electric bikes already skyrocketing in. If you are interested in electric mobility, an e bike dealership can provide you with a lucrative business opportunity.

AMO Electric Bikes are extremely dependable, as well as an efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation. AMO electric scooters come with a slew of benefits.

In comparison to traditional petrol bikes or scootys, they are not only convenient and economical, but they also have a low running cost. The best part about AMO Electric Bikes is how quiet they are and how little maintenance they require.

E-bike dealers can take advantage of a variety of AMO perks. You can make a substantial amount of money on each sale, and commissions from e bike parts are much better than that of other brands.

While e bike price is constantly getting reduced with evolving technology, experts indicate it is a great opportunity to start an electric bike dealership.

Extensive support from Indian ministry of transport

The Indian government has laid extensive help for EV businesses in recent times. The government is not only offering subsidies but also infrastructure build-up for charging and storage of vehicles. The following points offer a glimpse of the support available from the transport ministry.

1. The government has a large-scale plan to build charging stations at every petrol station in the country.
2. In addition, the Ministry of Transportation intends to invest $4.6 billion in incentives for battery manufacturers.
3. The government has already aided the electric vehicle industry by lowering the GST.
4. You can also avail of Rs.1.5 lakh in additional income tax deduction on the interest paid on loans used to buy electric scooters.
5. Furthermore, several state governments exempt electric vehicles from paying vehicle taxes entirely.

What do you need to start an e bike dealership?

First of all, there is no such complicated procedure if you want to get AMO Electric Bike Dealership. The basic criteria involve having a showroom and service space of 1000 sq. ft. and 500 sq. ft. respectively. The amount of investment depends on your capacity. The minimum investment required for AMO E Bike Dealership is Rs.20-25 lakh.

Bottom Line:

Electric bikes have become the hottest commodity on the market as the future of transportation have shifted to electric. The major advantages are that they are sleek, fashionable, and easy to operate. If you want to make a lot of money, starting an electric bike dealership in India is a great option.

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