Jaunty by amo
Jaunty electric vehichle by amo

The Jaunty Electric Bikes are the epitome of elegance and personality, which will assuage any concerns you may have with a range/mileage of 75km/100km+ per charge. With Jaunty Bikes, you are donning a new outlook in the urban rush with the smoothest riding ever. It's comfortable and robust, and it's powered by a 249 W electric motor that provides a healthy speed of 25km/h.

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inspirer by amo
inspirer an electric scooty

The Inspirer is a true example of e mobility that is riddled with a plethora of dynamic features, especially when it comes to efficiency and maneuverability through metropolitan traffic. The Inspirer will leave you entirely satisfied in every way, with a range of 75 km/100 km+, a motor that produces 249 W, and a healthy top speed of 25 km/h.

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Feisty electric scooty by amo
Feisty by amo

The Feisty is an exceedingly attractive and powerful alternative from AMO Mobility Solutions, as it is elegantly crafted and a visual treat. It has an astounding array of features, including a 249W electric motor that provides 75Km/100Km+ each charge and a 249W electric motor that provides 75Km/100Km+ per charge.

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spin by amo motors
spin electric scooty

The lightest thrill from Amo Electric Bikes in India comes with a range of stunning features that include alloy wheels, drum brakes, and efficient electric energy. It's the ideal utility two-wheeler, with an ergonomic design and a sturdy frame while the Spin boasts huge wheels for a satisfying riding experience, an optimum range of 75 kilometers.

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With pollution from fossil fuels skyrocketing, the need to reform in the auto and mobility sector was looking necessary. Coupled with rising fuel prices, the situation worsened but with Amo Mobility Solutions’ cutting-edge innovation in the sector, these threats to the environment and your wallet are now reduced considerably.
Here you are witnessing that innovation.

Technology Used In Amo Electric Bikes In India

Technology never stops evolving at Amo Mobility Solution. It is the real innovation. Basically, it is the core of our lightweight zero-emission electric mobility thrill, which is why our customers love us. If the thrill stops, Amo stops. So, building technological solutions for our electric bikes in India that can be moulded into quality products is high on our agenda where we put our technical expertise from top industry professionals.


Amo Mobility Solutions care about the vulnerable environment from rising pollution, and our emission-free battery bike help to keep the ecosystem healthy and greener.


Amo scooters are created with you at the forefront of our minds. Riding them is incredibly simple and pleasant.


Fuel price increases will no longer be a concern for you and your wallet. E Bikes from Amo Mobility Solutions are affordable and come with low maintenance.


Electric scooters and electric bikes from Amo Mobility Solutions are a real delight in India to have the best riding experience since they are technologically advanced and focused on your convenience.


Who we are

Amo Mobility Solutions is a firm dedicated to delivering environment-friendly electric bikes in India's tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Electric mobility/E mobility, on the other hand, isn't just a passing fad for us. It's all about offering industry-leading technology and solutions that meet every customer’s needs. All of this is accomplished while keeping costs low that can just fit your wallet. We follow the highest international standards and keep up with the newest advancements in this fast-paced industry. At the same time, we promise to keep our commitments that can make things easy for the environment.


AMO Dealers Meet, Patna
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