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Oriental Insurance

The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd, a public sector general insurance company with over 31 regional offices and over 1800 operational branches around the world, has partnered with AMO Mobility Solutions Private Limited for a credible and sustainable greener tomorrow.
The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. has joined hands with AMO Mobility as an insurance partner.

Electric Bikes in India

Manappuram Finance Ltd.

Manappuram Finance Ltd is a non-banking financial organization with approximately 4190 branches spread across 25 Indian states. The finance company has experienced unprecedented growth; having achieved numerous milestones has been a collaborating partner of AMO Mobility.
Manappuram Funding Ltd has been announced as AMO Mobility's finance partner.

Electric Scooter in India

Bajaj Finserv

The Bajaj Finserv Limited, which is a subsidiary of Bajaj Holdings and Investments Limited and focuses on offering innovative financial services with a workforce of 20154+ employees across 1409 sites, has partnered with AMO Mobility for mass mobility with electric scooty in India.
Bajaj Finserv Limited has been announced as AMO Mobility's financial partner.

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Pine Labs

Pine Labs, a financial solutions firm with 150000+ merchants in 3700+ Indian locations, has teamed up with AMO electric bikes. For easy and quick service, Pine Labs has worked with a number of banks and financial institutions to bring finances for people who wish to buy next-gen electric mobility.
AMO Mobility has partnered with Pine Labs as a financial partner, and it's been a wonderful experience ever since.

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Kotak Mahindra

From late 1985 until now, KOTAK Mahindra has built a reputation for being one of the country's most trustworthy financial organizations. As part of this journey, AMO Mobility proudly introduces Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited as its financial partner for its electric mobility solutions in the form of electric bikes and e-scooters in India.

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HDB Financial Services

Amo Mobility Solutions, an up-and-coming e-bike producer in India, has announced cooperation with HDB Financial Services, an NBFC, to provide their consumers simple financing alternatives for buying their high-performance, high-efficiency e bikes in India. It should be noted that HDB Financial Services is not new to retail finance solutions. However, the financial institution is new to providing financial support for electric vehicles.

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IDFC First Bank

According to Amo Mobility Solutions, IDFC First Bank has partnered with it to provide simple financing alternatives for the purchase of new e-scootys in India. Due to Amo's partnership with IDFC, clients will be able to obtain hassle-free loans for their preferred electric scooters with minimal paperwork. As part of the partnership, IDFC will provide qualified consumers with advantages like competitive interest rates, flexible tenure alternatives, and cheap EMIs.

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Shriram City

In India, Shriram City became the forerunner in the funding of two-wheeled automobiles. Due to its repute, Amo Mobility Solutions chooses it as a preferred banking partner for financing their electric two- wheelers. Both Amo and Shriram City benefit from the agreement, and customers can purchase high- end e-scooters from Amo like the Jaunty Plus and Inspirer easily with minimal paperwork.

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In India, Paytail is a growing name in retail finance for electric and hybrid vehicles. By collaborating with Paytail, Amo Mobility Solutions has accomplished a lot because both parties stand to gain in their respective fields. The best part of Paytail is their instant loan disbursement with attractive EMIs due to which consumers can easily get hold of the cutting-edge e-scootys from the Amo brand.

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In the EV market, ZEST Money is another prominent retail financier. Through their relationship with ZEST, Amo Mobility Solutions will offer consumers a complete electronic and paperless loan application process with on-the-go financing alternatives available all day, every day across the nation. You can use the ZEST smartphone app or any of Amo's 180+ dealers to get the financing you need to purchase your preferred Amo electric bike.

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For India's ambitious EV ecosystem, the alliance between Amo Mobility Solutions and HDFC Ergo is absolutely vital. First off, it gives Amo customers a convenient and reasonable financing alternative, which could encourage the use of electric two-wheelers. Furthermore, HDFC Ergo's proficiency in retail financing will aid clients by streamlining the procedure and making it simpler for them to fund their purchases. Overall, this relationship supports ecologically responsible mobility and promotes lower emissions.

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Amo and ICICI Lombard have partnered to offer buyers insurance solutions for their electric scooters and bikes. Many people who were concerned about the safety and security of their EVs are relieved by this alliance. Customers may now enjoy their journeys with peace of mind thanks to Amo's revolutionary electric two-wheelers and ICICI Lombard's competence in auto and EV insurance. This partnership illustrates the rising demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions and represents a critical turning point for the Indian EV market.

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Auto financing or electric two wheeler loans from LiquiLoans are feature-rich and hassle-free, making it simpler for customers to acquire their ideal electric bikes. LiquiLoans' distinctive electric two-wheeler lending solutions will strengthen the Indian EV ecosystem, making a partnership with them essential for both consumers and the country's EV sector. Through this agreement, Amo's customers will have access to more buying options and will find it easier to own an electric two-wheeler, thereby helping to create a more sustainable and clean environment.

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Reliance General Insurance

Brace for an electric mobility revolution with Reliance General Insurance and Amo Mobility Solutions. Through this novel partnership, customers can purchase electric two wheelers that are both ecofriendly and fully insured. Customers may now ride their electric bikes and e-scooters with the assurance and peacefulness that come with the best-in-class insurance options from Reliance General Insurance. Potential buyers who desire to switch to ecologically sound mobility will benefit from this relationship thanks to Amo Mobility's cutting-edge technology, two wheeler EVs and Reliance General Insurance's dependable support.

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