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To Expand E-mobility
into mass mobility
To create Reliable,
Sustainable and
Affordable Product
and services
Best in class services &
buying experience to
our countryman

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Join hands with AMO Electric Bikes and enjoy the profitable business!

At AMO Electric Bikes we work relentlessly towards shifting paradigm from conventional to electric mobility in India. Our vision is to expand E-Mobility into mass mobility by creating reliable, sustainable & affordable Electric Scooters and providing best in class services & buying experience to our countrymen. AMO Electric Bikes has a strong network of 300 Plus dealerships wide - spread in 16 states (Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh) and 2 union territory (Delhi, Puducherry)

Smart Logon ki Smart Choice, AMO Electric Bikes!

AMO Electric Bikes brings a range of Low-Speed Electric scooters and high-speed Electric scooter which are equipped with latest technology for all of your necessities.

Bring home AMO Electric Bikes, which are guaranteed to provide festive delights as well as ease of ride. AMO Electric Bikes designed to give you new level of Power, Style, Performance, Safety. Enjoy the exhilarating ride on your very own AMO Electric Bikes which are Reliable, Sustainable & Affordable.

Why AMO Electric Bikes

  • Highest Return on Investment (ROI) across the industry.

  • Best in class after sales services, zero down time beyond 48 hours

  • Best in Quality High Speed & Low Speed Electric Bikes

  • Price starts from ₹ 53,951/-

  • Side Stand Sensor with High Ground Clearance

  • Brand awareness through promotional activities with the brand campaign “Karle Rahon Se Yaariyan!”.

  • Technologically advance, optimizes energy consumption per Km.

  • Superior performance, by more millage per charge, as per customer need.

  • Best in class design, for each segment of customers.

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3 years warranty*
Trust of Jaunty
Trust of 5 years
75+ Km*
Fast Charging
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*Note: Price mentioned is for Delhi/NCR Market. It Varies according to the State & Battery specifications

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