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Joining hands with AMO as a dealer brings with itself a variety of opportunities for your growth. Electric bikes in India are garnering popularity by the hour. Battery-powered electric bikes are being recognized for his or her ease in travel and convenient charging. you'll be the bridge between AMO electric bikes and its customers. this may not only benefit us or the buyer but you, as a dealer also will be getting benefits and advantages of electric bikes sales.

To give you clarity about why joining hands with AMO Electric bikes for dealerships may be a golden opportunity.

AMO is extending you a unique opportunity by offering its products & services

  • Technologically advance, optimizes energy consumption per Km.
  • Superior performance, by more millage per charge, as per customer need.
  • Best in class design, for each segment of customers.
  • Hassel free aftersales for satisfying customer’s need for service.
  • Highest sales Margin in industry.
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