Model power * speed * range charging speed
s-pin 249 W <25kmph 75Km 6 HOURS


S-pin: A stylish ride from the best electric scooter company in India

Amo Mobility Solutions' S-Pin is the company's newest electric scooter, and it's extremely cost-effective on Indian roads. It comes in only one style and four vivid and youthful hues. S-brushless Pin's DC motor produces 249 Watts of power, and both wheels are equipped with powerful drum brakes.

With the launch of the S-Pin electric scooter, Amo Mobility Solutions became an iconic member of the green revolution. The S-Pin, dubbed as the world's lightest two-wheeler electric scooty of India, comes with a traditional scooter-like design and a slew of modern features, as well as decent performance and battery range.

Why should the S-pin be your absolute favourite choice among the top 5 electric scooters in India?

Pickup: One of the best features of the scooty is its powerful pickup. With the incredible pickup and high ground clearance, the S-Pin is able to make its way successfully through congested traffic and difficult terrain.

Safety: When it comes to the safety characteristics, the S-pin electric scooty is the ideal selection for Indian roads because of the safety features, which includes the Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS) and side stand sensor.

Looks: When purchasing a bike, you should think about both its durability and appearance. Our bicycles strike a good balance between these two desirable qualities. The S-Pin model is considered the best turban-standard scooty that can be the owner's pride because of its euphoric and appealing design.

Affordability: Nothing beats the pleasure of riding a bike that is both economical and environment-friendly. Amo Mobility's S-Pin electric scooters use fewer electricity units while charging, making them less expensive than traditional vehicles powered by petrol or diesel.

Efficiency: Customers look for mileage when purchasing a two-wheeler; and with the very powerful VRLA batteries, Amo Mobility Solutions gives a decent and budget-friendly ride with maximum efficiency. In the case of an electric two-wheeler scooter, a range of 75 kilometers is considered highly demanding on S-Pin models.

Choice of colours: This youthful and preppy electric scooty is available in four different colours in India that appeal to young people and regular commuters.

Eco-friendly: An aware citizen is the one who thinks about giving back to the environment and using an electric bike can be your way of caring for the planet earth. S-Pin e-scooty is quite diligent in its mobility activities while saving the environment, fossil fuel, and money.

Features that make S-pin the best new scooty in India

With an excellent grade ability of 15 degrees, this bike can reach speeds of up to 25 kilometres per hour, and this characteristic unquestionably makes it the best scooty to buy in India in 2021. The bike has drum brakes in front and back and stands sturdy with a gross weight of 230 kgs and a kerb weight of 54 kgs.

Coming on to the battery, it is VRLA type; a battery that is well known for performing incredibly well. This helps to explain why the S-pin is the finest electric scooter in India in 2021. It only takes 6 hours to charge its battery to 100% capacity.

The wheels and tyres of a scooter are one of the most significant aspects of its safety and performance. The wheels are alloy and measure 16 inches in diameter and are well supported by tubeless tyres. While we're on the subject of safety, we should also take a chance to mention the features of our electric scooter, which include a side stand sensor, and EABS.

The style and the looks of a scooter are also very important when it comes to your decision of buying for yourself or for anyone else. The stylish digital display enhances the looks of the scooty comprehensively that appeals to the next-gen tech lovers. Bulbs are used for headlights, tailgates, and indicators. The model is also available in four vibrant colours to give you a wide range of options and the most intriguing service is the warranty. Amo Mobility Solutions offers a warranty of 3 years or 30,000 km on the vehicle and one year warranty for the battery.

So, if you are looking to buy the best electric scooter in India 2021 S-Pin offers both versatility and efficiency that can outpace other competitors in the e-mobility segment in India.


The S-pin comes in 1 vibrant colours. Pick the one that perfectly suits your unique personality.


Spin is powered by a 48 Volt 20-30 AH charger. This EV comes with a rapid charging option giving up to 80 kilometers plus range in a single charge.
The electric battery takes less than 6 hours of home charging to fully charge and gives a battery charge of approximately sixty percent in two 2 hours of home charging.
The battery type inbuilt in Spin is a valve-regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA battery) that gives a boost to your ride.

Technical specification & features

Power 249 W
Speed < 25kmph
Grade ability 15 Degree
Motor Type Brushless DC
Range 75km
Length 1796mm
Width 615mm
Height 1120mm
Ground Clearance 150mm
Seat Height 730mm
Kerb Weight 54kg
Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight 230kg
Brake Type(Front) Drum
Brake Type(Rear) Drum
Frame and Suspension
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Spring Loaded Gas
Frame Type High Rigid Tubular Frame
Frame Materials Steel
Safety Features
Speed Control Switch No
Side Stand Sensor Yes
0-60%(Home Charging Time ) 2 Hours
0-100%(Home Charging Time ) 6 Hours
Fast Charging N/A
Rating 48V24Ah
Display Digital
Tyre and Wheel
Wheel Type Alloy Wheel
Wheel Size(Front) 16”
Wheel Size(Rear) 16”
Tyre Type Tube less
Tyre Size(Front) 3.0X16”
Tyre Size (Rear) 3.0X16”
Style Enhancing Features
Headlights Bulb
Tail Lights Bulb
Indicators Bulb
Day Time Running Light No
Additional Features
USB Based Mobile Charging No
Vehicle Warranty (T & C) 3 Years/30,000Km
Battery Warranty (T & C) 1 Year
Safety Features
Side stand sensor
Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS)
Performance Enhancing Features
Bigger wheels for better Millage (16x3.0)
Light Weight (Kerb Weight = 54 Kg)
High Ground clearance ( 150mm)
Robust Chassis
Gradeability = 15°
75Km Range*
Style Enhancing Features
Alloy Wheels
Telescopic fork Suspension
Ergonomic Design
Some additional Features
Extra Luggage space
Digital Display

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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