Model power * speed * range charging speed
Jaunty S Low Speed 55-65Kms/C

Introducing the Jaunty S Electric Scooter

AMO Mobility Solutions, has once again raised the bar in the electric two-wheeler market with the launch of the Jaunty S, a cutting-edge electric EV on two wheels. Combining sleek design, advanced technology, and practical features, the Jaunty S is poised to reshape urban commuting.

Jaunty S electric scooter: Feature overview

Here’s a comprehensive look at what makes the Jaunty S a standout choice for eco-friendly electric mobility.

Impressive Range and Performance

The Jaunty S electric scooter has an outstanding range of 55-65 kilometers per charge. This two-wheeler EV is made for you to easily cover your daily commute and more without the need for regular recharging. This scooter is intended for low-speed urban use, which makes it excellent for urban avenues and short-distance rides.

Robust Build and Comfort

The Jaunty S is designed for durability, featuring a high-efficiency BLDC motor that provides dependable performance. The scooter has 10-inch alloy wheels in the front and iron wheels in the back, ensuring a stable and balanced riding. The front suspension system features a telescopic fork, while the rear suspension is spring-loaded with gas to guarantee a smooth and pleasant ride over a variety of terrains.

Advanced Electronic Features

Amo has equipped the Jaunty S with a variety of cutting-edge technologies to improve the riding experience. The scooter comes with an automatic parking brake for increased safety and convenience. It also has an electronic reverse gear, which allows for easy maneuvering in confined areas. A hazard switch and cruise control warranty a smooth and controlled ride.

Entertainment and Connectivity

For individuals or riders who prefer listening to music while riding, the Jaunty S includes an optional Bluetooth music system. This function allows users to connect their devices and listen to their favorite songs while on the trip. The LED speedometer displays clear and easy-to-read information about your speed, keeping you well-informed during your trip.

Safety and Security

Safety is a primary focus for Amo Mobility Solutions and its products. The Jaunty S has front disc and drum brakes and rear drum brakes, which provide great stopping capability in a variety of circumstances. The scooter additionally features an anti-theft alarm to keep your investment safe from illegal access or theft. The Jaunty S includes daytime running lights for increased visibility and safety while riding all throughout the day.

Jaunty S with more practical and convenient features

The Jaunty S comes with CEAT/TVS tubeless tires in the 3.0 x 10-inch size, which provide superior puncture resistance and a smoother ride.

The headlights are LED, offering strong and efficient illumination, while the taillights and indicators are bulb-type, delivering clear indications to other motorists and roadside elements.

The scooter additionally includes an optional USB-based mobile charging system (an optional feature), which guarantees your electronics stay charged throughout your journey.

What sort of warranty is in place for Jaunty S electric scooter?

Amo Mobility reinforces the high standards of the Jaunty S with a cool and thorough warranty. The scooter comes with a 13-month guarantee that covers the motor, controller, and chassis.

The battery warranty has a "12+2 months" policy, with the first three months providing a new replacement and the remainder covering replacement with a comparable battery.

In addition, you get all the premium support from the Amo electric bike dealerships.

Wrapping up

Amo Mobility Solutions' Jaunty S exemplifies both innovation and practicality in the electric scooter market.

The Jaunty S is a good solution for people who live in congested cities and need to commute quickly and quietly. The Jaunty S provides an eco-sustainable and efficient method of travel which is eventually the need of the hour for a healthy planet.

Whether you're a regular commuter or searching for a trendy way to get around town, book the Jaunty S e-scooter today!

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Electric Bike Features

State-of-the-art features, intelligently allocated spaces and a battery that gets charged in quick time. The Jaunty S has everything you need in an electric bike.


The Jaunty S scooters comes in 6 vibrant colours. Pick the one that perfectly suits your unique personality.

electric Scooter charger

Electric Scooter Battery

A powerful Li-ion battery is used to power up this ev bike beast from Amo Electric bikes. When most batteries have failed in the market, our superiorly designed batteries are made to last long and give you maximum range on the road. Made with advanced technology, our batteries require no such extreme maintenance and care. With an extended lifespan, these batteries are certainly reliable and have high performance.

Jaunty S batteries can be charged quickly using the standard charging cable. In case of urgency, you can get it charged to 60 percent capacity in less than 120 minutes. For a full charge, you will need to charge the e-scooter for 3-5 hours. The best part about batteries is that they are waterproof with an airtight sealing, which won’t let the batteries get wet and damaged easily.


Power 2.11kW (Peak Power 2.9 KW)
Speed Low Speed
Grade ability
Motor Type High efficiency BLDC
Range 55-65Kms/C
Ground Clearance
Seat Height
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Parking Brake Yes, Electronic
Reverse Gear Yes, Electronic
Frame and Suspension
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Spring Loaded Gas
Frame Type
Frame Materials HSS
Safety Features
Speed Control Switch Yes
Side Stand Sensor Yes
Hazard Switch Yes
Anti Theft Alarm Yes
0-60%(Home Charging Time )
0-100%(Home Charging Time )
Fast Charging
Display Digital
Speedometer LED
Tyre and Wheel
Wheel Size (Front/Rear) 10" Alloy/ iron
Brake Type (Front) Disc/Drum
Brake Type (Rear) Drum
Tyre Type CEAT/TVS Tubeless
Tyre Size 3.0*10"
Style Enhancing Features
Headlights Led
Tail Lights Bulb
Indicators Bulb
Day Time Running Light Yes
Additional Features
USB Based Mobile Charging Yes (Optional)
Music System Bluetooth (Optional)
Warranty 13 months on motor, controller, chassis
Safety Features
Side stand sensor
Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS)
Front Disc Brake
Engine Kill Switch
Performance Enhancing Features
Range of 108*Km
Wheel size (10x3.0), designed for high pickup
Light Weight (Kerb Weight = 58 Kg)
High Ground clearance ( 160mm)
Robust Chassis
Gradeability = 18°
Speed Control Switch
Style Enhancing Features
LED Lights
Digital Display
Telescopic fork Suspension
Ergonomic Design
Some additional Features
Mobile Charging

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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