High Speed Electric Scooter Price In India

The popularity of electric vehicles is growing rapidly across India, with more than one fancy vehicle being put into the market every month, from foreign companies to domestic companies. This has led to a massive transformation in the automobile industry, which has only observed only ICE vehicle dominance till now. Amo Mobility Solutions has quickly turned into a formidable EV player owing to the high demand for electric scooters in India. In this article, you will learn about Amo Mobility's high-speed electric bike price in India.

Jaunty Plus is a high speed electric scooter with excellent features at an affordable price of Rs. 1,07,734* (Ex Showroom Price) With a stunning and efficient model, AMO has been recognized for its value while keeping high-speed electric bike price affordable to Indian commuters.

High Speed Electric Scooter Price In India – 2022 Edition

High speed electric scooter price may usually offend people who are more inclined to economy models. With this in mind, AMO Electric Bikes has launched an extraordinary lightweight e-scooter at a minimal pricing range.

Jaunty Plus is a remarkable Electric Scooter that has given a tough fight to its competitors in the Indian market. The model has dominated the market presence in numerous tier-2 and tier-3 cities of India. With a digital display and alloy wheels, the Jaunty Plus is powered by a Lithium-ion battery. The brushless DC motor generates a power of 1.265 KW to drive the electric scooter. It has been termed as a lightweight traffic-beating electric scooter of 2022. 

Thelectric scootere 10-inch e-scooter's alloy wheels with tubeless tyres give extra glitz to the e-scooter, which holds a good e-scooter price for middle-class Indian commuters.

The management team of Amo Mobility has spent sleepless nights to offer an affordable e-bike price that will satisfy budget-conscious consumers. Additionally, the Jaunty Plus boasts of incredible vehicle and battery warranty. The vehicle warranty and battery warranty of Jaunty Plus is a huge 3 years.

LED lights, telescopic fork suspension at the front and spring-loaded gas suspension at the rear with ergonomic design give Jaunty Plus the finest style enhancing features. At Rs. 1,10,460, Jaunty Plus also offers EABS and Side-stand sensor for safety. E-scooter price of this range is quite high in India, and hence, experts have given a 5-star rating to this model.

According to company officials, the Jaunty Plus can be charged to 60% capacity in two hours, and the batteries can be charged to 100% capacity in three to five hours.

Why is the Jaunty Plus an excellent electric bike to own?

These e-bikes are extremely light, making them ideal for people who live in planned urban centers, commercial townships, or work in technology clusters and corporate campuses. They are designed to carry one person from one location to another in a short span of time, even when roads are bad or congested. People can use these zero-emission ultra-lightweight electric bikes for routine commuting within commercial or technology clusters in India.

Jaunty Plus also comes with additional safety and security features that add more value to the e-scooter. With a trendy and sporty look, these Electric Scooty will leave many competitors concerned.

Here are some low speed electric scooter options by AMO Electric Bikes for your choice. For medium range you can also choose Jaunty, Inspirer, Jaunty Pro, Feisty EV and Brisk. For disabled or senior citizens AMO also has a three wheel electric scooter Jaunty 3W.

Bad and busy roads and cities, environmental protection laws, and a lack of sufficient parking space will all make automobiles more limited to lightweight with smart features.  As a result, Jaunty Plus may surely fill the void for consumers wishing to purchase high-quality Electric Bikes In India.

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