Switch To Electric The Next Big Shift To Indian EV Industry

The electric mobility industry is flourishing as Indian EV manufacturers equip themselves with cutting-edge technology and the potential to capture market share. Although initially limited by Covid-19 and rigorous lockdowns, high demand has been able to keep up with the end of pandemic restrictions in the last year. If you are a consumer who is still pondering which electric vehicle to purchase, read this feature.

What is going on in the Indian EV industry in 2022?

Many specialists in the EV business have forecast that the sector will grow rapidly. According to some, the year 2022 anticipates a larger penetration of electrified mobility and linked services such as the use of EVs in last-mile delivery, battery swapping, EV ride-sharing, and so on.

They were correct. Today, EV penetration in India has yielded attractive returns. Electric vehicle sales, primarily of two-wheeler electric/battery bikes and electric scooters, are expected to increase by 300% year on year in the first half of 2022.

According to a CEEW-CEF study, EV sales in India are estimated to reach 14.8 million by 2030, with over 500 manufacturers playing a key role. The top three states with the most EV sales per 1000 non-EVs are listed as Delhi, Tripura, and Assam.

According to a different report from the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), the Indian EV market will develop at a CAGR of 36% until 2026. During the same time period, the EV battery market is expected to develop at a CAGR of 30%.

So, the numbers themselves tell a remarkable shift in favor of the Indian EV industry. But, if you are thinking now why you should go with electric vehicles, then the following answers will help you. 

Why switch to electric mobility? || Indian EV Industry Advantages:electric bikes        EVs did not appear out of nowhere. They had been working on it for decades, but the demand-supply system was unable to generate a commercial storm because customers were not ready.

The industry, which is still in its early stages, must overcome numerous challenges in order to increase product quality, customer satisfaction, and service quality.

Despite these hurdles, electric mobility company in India such as AMO Mobility Solutions, Hero, Ola, , Ather Energy, and Simple One have glittered like diamonds by providing magnificent products as well as immaculate service and support with their two-wheeler products like e bikes and scooters. 

Though the market is not yet ready for four-wheeler personal EVs due to their high cost, Indian automakers, in collaboration with global firms such as Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Toyota, and Hyundai, are constantly engaged in innovation and cutting-edge weaponry to reduce the cost of both batteries and vehicles.

It is now established that the remarkable rise of EVs in India was also caused by factors other than consumer demand. The industry has inherent benefits. The following explanations will undoubtedly help you comprehend why the mobility sector is shifting to EVs. What are the natural advantages of the EV industry in India?

Benefits of switching to EV:

A. Save money on fuel

Rising fuel prices are triggering tremors among India's rural and middle-class residents. They are always the first victims of commodity price increases. Electric vehicles have proven to be a blessing to those folks. They are no longer required to spend money on costly fossil fuels for their ICE vehicles.

The number of electric scooty and scooter showrooms has grown exponentially in response to rising fuel prices. Nowadays, new e scooters with improved characteristics are continually being developed. AMO Electric Bikes, one of the emerging e bikes company in India, has signed over 200 dealerships across the nation.

B. Comfortable and noiseless ride

If you have not encountered battery scooty and battery bikes yet, then go to your nearest electric bike showroom and have a test drive today. 

You will notice that these e-bikes are not only simple to operate, but they are also incredibly comfortable to ride. A lightweight electric scooter with outstanding suspension is an extra bonus. Furthermore, you won't upset yourself or others with the noise that comes with all ICE vehicles. Because of their simpler mechanisms and fewer moving parts, battery scooters operate quietly.

Tip: If you search Google or Bing with terms like “electric scooter dealers near me” or “electric bike showroom ” or electric scooter dealership”, you will be able to see the nearest e bike dealerships or showrooms. 

C. More savings on maintenance

If you're already concerned about the cost of maintaining your existing petrol or diesel vehicle, it's time to make the switch to EVs. E scootyICE vehicles powered by petrol and diesel have several mechanical components that are subjected to stress during extended use. They require maintenance from time to time to ensure maximum efficiency.

With electric vehicles, you eliminate the need for routine maintenance. Electric vehicles require little to no maintenance due to their simpler systems. You can save even more money by riding an electric scooter or electric bike because you will save money on periodic maintenance and the cost of replacing any broken/damaged components.

Bottom Line:-

Electric vehicles have come a long way to become the futuristic mode of transportation in India. If you want to buy top electric bikes, there are many EV manufacturers and e mobility dealership nowadays. The best thing before purchasing one is to do market research and find an appropriate EV that serves your purpose. If you want to know electric bike or e scooty price, you can visit a nearby AMO Electric Bikes franchise or showroom and ask the customer care executive. 

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