Model power * speed * range charging speed
feisty 249 W <25kmph 75Km/100Km+ 6 Hours


Feisty Electric Scooter

AMO takes into account two crucial factors: rising fuel prices and increased pollution in the environment. Fiesty, an eco-friendly and energy-efficient electric scooty and scooter, is introduced by Amo Mobility Solutions to counter the menace of rising fuel price and pollution. This vivacious and high-spirited e-scooter provides a fun ride while delivering exceptional performance on even busy roadways.

This dashing electric bike comes in three different vibrant colors Red, Pink, and Blue that can easily appeal to the young Indian consumers. This bike has some great features like a USB charger for a phone, Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS) along with a digital display, and a LED light throughout the scooter making it eye-soothing. Feisty with these all advanced carefully crafted features can claim to be the best battery scooter in India in 2022.

A quick look at some great features of Feisty Electric Bike

Dimension: The dimension of a vehicle is a very important thing for those who live in urban areas and have limited space to keep their vehicle. The length of this electric scooter is 1730 mm and has a great 170 mm ground clearance. It has an attached seat with a convenient height of 730 mm. The gross weight of this electric scooter is 230 kgs and the kerb weight is 58 kgs. All these features make Feisty more compact, sturdy, and reliable.

Performance: Feisty has a brushless DC motor, having a power output of 249 watts, and provides a decent speed of 25 kmph. This electric scooter can cover 75 -100 plus kilometers (depending on battery power) with a fully charged battery. It performs quite well on the Indian roads, especially within the city. The lightweight features of this model allow it to perform very well in crowded places.

Battery: VRLA battery is used in the basic electric scooter while Li-ion is available in the premium model. The e-bike also comes with a fast-charging option. It takes 6 hours charge to charge the battery to 100 percent and 2 hours charge to charge the battery to 60 percent. With a fully-charged battery, you can easily travel over 75 kms with the basic model.

Safety: Precaution is better than cure, no one can change their destiny but you can try to protect yourself from an accident. Before buying an electric scooty, you must know every aspect of safety. When it comes to safety, Feisty is the best option as it has three major safety features, these safety features are a speed control switch, a side stand sensor, and an Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS).

Tyres and wheels: Feisty rides on 10-inch front and rear wheels with tubeless tyres. The wheels are composed of high-quality material that is created with energy efficient technologies, making them durable and resilient and capable of comfortably supporting the entire weight of this e scooty.

Display and lights: The finest quality display and lights are used by AMO Mobility Solution to make this electric bike shine among the competitors. The electric scooter's sophisticated and trendy style is enhanced with a fully equipped digital display and four LED-powered lights (headlights, taillights, periodic flashing indicators, and daytime running lights).

Warranty: When it comes to warranty, the new Feisty flattens others easily as it buoyed by great warranty features. This electric scooter has a three-year or 30,000-kilometer warranty for the vehicle and one year warranty for the battery.


India is afflicted by a large number of ICE automobiles, which emit a massive amount of harmful gases into the atmosphere. A two-wheeler releases nearly the same amount of carbon dioxide as a car, with an emissions rate of 300 grams per kilometer. The overall temperature of the environment rises as pollution rises. This is a major contributor to global warming. In this case, an electric two-wheeler, such as an electric scooter or electric bikes , is the ideal option. Feisty takes the place of an eco-friendly, lightweight, and family-friendly electric vehicle. The improved safety features and zero-emission system create a strong statement for the brand and a greener planet respectively.

Feisty will wow you with characteristics such as a big seat area, a comfortable footrest, and a smooth handle grip, among others. This electric scooter's majestic appearance compliments your distinct personality perfectly. So add this electric scooter to your bucket list and visit an AMO electric bike dealership in India.


The Feisty comes in 3 vibrant colours. Pick the one that perfectly suits your unique personality.


A battery of 60 volts 30- 50 Amp-hours is used to power up the Feisty electric scooter. These electric bikes take 2 hours to charge 60% of the battery and 6 hours to charge 100% of the battery. This can go up to 100 kilometers with a fully charged battery.

This electric scooter is available with two different types of batteries, a Lithium-Ion battery, and a Valve-regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA battery); both of 60 volts. The Lithium-ion model is more expensive than the model using a VRLA battery.

Technical specification & features

Power 249 W
Speed < 25kmph
Grade ability 18 Degree
Motor Type Brushless DC
Range 75Km/100Km+
Length 1730mm
Width 670mm
Height 1070mm
Ground Clearance 170mm
Seat Height 730mm
Kerb Weight 58kg
Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight 230kg
Brake Type(Front) Disk
Brake Type(Rear) Drum
Frame and Suspension
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Spring Loaded Gas
Frame Type High Rigid Tubular Frame
Frame Materials Steel
Safety Features
Speed Control Switch Yes
Side Stand Sensor Yes
0-60%(Home Charging Time ) 2 Hours
0-100%(Home Charging Time ) 6 Hours
Fast Charging Available
Rating 60V26Ah/60V32Ah
Display Digital
Tyre and Wheel
Wheel Type Alloy Wheel
Wheel Size(Front) 10”
Wheel Size(Rear) 10”
Tyre Type Tube less
Tyre Size(Front) 3.0X10”
Tyre Size (Rear) 3.0X10”
Style Enhancing Features
Headlights Led
Tail Lights Led
Indicators Led
Day Time Running Light Led
Additional Features
USB Based Mobile Charging Yes
Vehicle Warranty (T & C) 3 Years/30,000Km
Battery Warranty (T & C) 1 Year
Safety Features
Side stand sensor
Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS)
Front Disc Brake
Engine Kill Switch
Performance Enhancing Features
Light Weight (Kerb Weight = 58 Kg)
Range of 75Km+ in Variant 1 (26Ah), 100Km+ in Variant 2 (32Ah)
Wheel size (10x3.0), designed for high pickup
High Ground clearance ( 170mm)
Ergonomic Design
Robust Chassis
Gradeability = 18°
Speed Control Switch
Smart Foot Rest
Style Enhancing Features
Compact Design
Stylish LED Lights
Stylish Digital Display
Alloy Wheels
Robust Chassis
Telescopic fork Suspension
Ergonomic Design
Some additional Features
Mobile Charging

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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