Will Dual-Mode Driving Change The EV Ecosystem In India?

The automobile industry in India is going through a transformational change since 2015 when it was noted that Paris Climate Summit enforces some serious and lucrative implications for the industry as it was finally the moment that the world was waiting for enthusiastically to fight climate change. The EV revolution in India has made some remarkable inventions along with innovations at the helm of it. Companies after companies in India are looking to penetrate into the lucrative scenario that will change the mobility sector once and for all. From Audi to BMW, Tata to Hyundai, every major automobile player is eyeing for a pie in the giant revolution. 

The introduction of electric vehicles, such as Electric Scooter in India, has had a significant impact on the automobile industry, which has seen great contributions from a variety of stakeholders. In India, the lucrative EV sector has already improved the comfort, cost, and speed of transportation. In the country, alterations after modifications are being made at a breakneck speed. While R&D and improvements are ongoing at every level to increase the comfort, smoothness, and efficiency of electric scooters, driving modes are frequently discussed among manufacturers' upper echelons.

Amo Mobility’s latest feature clarifies some interesting notes on driving modes in electric scooters in India and how it can benefit one over the course of time. 

What do you mean by driving modes in electric scooters?

Varied road conditions necessitate different electric vehicle (EVs) driving characteristics. This module also considers the state of the environment (such as congested cities, urban, and suburban areas). Riders have a variety of driving styles that must be adjusted to the road conditions and the surrounding surroundings.

Manufacturers are continually pushing for more comfortable driving modes that can help Electric Bikes users save more energy and boost overall efficiency by allowing them to conserve more energy through their batteries. Some drivers enjoy a thrilling driving experience, while others desire a comfortable and cost-effective journey.

So in a nitty-gritty format, the driving modes in e scooters can allow you to switch between different modes according to road conditions and environment, which will increase riding experience and save more energy in the process.

What is dual-mode driving in electric scooters?

Dual-mode driving denotes two conditions that you can adjust your electric bikes/electric scooters to. They are Power mode and Economy mode, while recent innovations have also allowed a third mode that is mostly meant for sporty riding. 

In the power mode, the electric bikes in India will allow you to cover long distances in a short period of time while in the economy mode, you can easily have the advantage to move around congested urban areas and cover short distances and corners with ease. Both the modes are meant for different conditions and hence, both allow you to conserve energy accordingly and cover the distances with a smooth and efficient riding experience. 

When to use the Economy mode with your electric scooter?

If you want to save even more energy, simply, switch to the Economy Mode. However, because the driving modes have an impact on your vehicle's performance, you shouldn't utilize Economy Mode all of the time; it's designed for busy locations such as cities or areas with poor road conditions.

This implies you should consider turning off Eco Mode on highways and expressways. In these instances, you'll need to travel a greater distance, which will require you to accelerate, rendering Economy mode obsolete.

4 Tips to increase efficiency of electric scooters while using driving modes

Electric scooters are, perhaps, the most crucial invention for Indian lower and middle-class families and riders alike. While driving modes can definitely help you save more money on your battery bikes, but riding them by getting maximum efficiency is a true art every rider should know. Here, are the 4 tips that will help increase the efficiency of e bikes/battery bikes when you are using driving mode technology.

Always charge your e mobility electric scooter adequately before starting a long-distance course. For short distances, charging may not be the big issue. Charging properly makes your scooter reliable, efficient, and long-lasting.

1. Always charge your e mobility electric scooter adequately before starting a long-distance course. For short distances, charging may not be the big issue. Charging properly makes your scooter reliable, efficient, and long-lasting.

2. You must also consider checking the tyre pressure every week and avoid riding with punctured tyres. This will influence driving modes as flat tyres eat away more energy while travelling. Also, tyres should never be over-inflated. The overall ride quality will be bumpy if you over-inflate your tyres. Moreover, the mileage of e scooters is reduced with unevenly pressurized tyres.

3. Use brakes and acceleration properly when driving on power mode. If you are braking frequently with an unsteady acceleration then it will certainly cost you more energy where mileage or range of E Mobility scooter is also affected.

4. Don’t overload your electric scooter over the permissible limit as it will increase the tyre surface area, thereby increasing the energy consumption. More weight means reduced efficiency and increased fuel/energy intake.

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