The electric mobility revolution is taking place all across the world, and the wave has also shaken the Indian automobile industry in recent times. Amo Mobility Solutions has always remained at the forefront of the transition, and they haven’t failed to impress the buyers with environment-friendly cheap alternatives for commuting. Amo Motors holds the potential to bring a massive change with Inspirer electric bikes in India, and if you are wondering why you should invest on e-bikes, here’s a post for you.

Designed for Everyday Use

The daily hassle of traffic jams can become frustrating, especially when you have to clarify for being late at the office. Amo Motors’ Inspirer is specially designed for office-going individuals, who face a lot of problems just because of the claustrophobic management of traffic. The model features a sleek look, and it can put an end to the daily hassle of reaching the destinations.

Built to Suit The Style

The multi-functional and multi-potential e-bike features an ergonomic design along with attractive body graphics that makes it a perfect choice for all. The e-bike comes in four different colours allowing buyers to choose their favourite colours that will flaunt their style. One must admit the vehicle is packed with style, ease of use and power that certainly makes it the best electric scooter in India.

Safety Features

Riders safety is a vital thing to consider while investing in vehicles, and from that perspective, the model features some of the most exclusive technology in it. High-performance alloy wheels with telescopic fork suspension ensure smooth driving experience even if you drive on rough terrain, and this safety feature is beneficial for people. Manufacturers have also included a waterproof motor, electronic braking systems, central locking system, side stand sensor, engine kill switch and anti-theft alarm that are commonly found in modern vehicles.

Easy to Use

An investment in e-bikes can put an end to the hassle of refuelling permanently. The vehicles come along with two 60 volts lithium and VRLA batteries, and it can run 80+ kilometres with a single charge. Isn’t it amazing? It will take around 6 hours to charge the vehicle and the speed limit is 25km/hr, which is decent for urban adventures. Apart from this, the scooter features adequate trunk space where people can carry essentials, and if you need more room, you can use the spacious front instead.


Sustainable way of living has become popular in the 21st century, and excessive use of fossil fuel can become a serious threat in the future. Switching to electric scooters not only help in cost-cutting but, it will help in making the world greener for generations to come. Electric scooters are less harmful to the environment, and individual efforts can open the door of environmental benefits like never before. An investment in e-scooters is a smart decision that can help buyers to avail long term benefits. It has many personal advantages rather than the environmental benefits and if you are planning to invest in the best electric scooty in India, take your time to go through the features before coming to a decision.

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