Why Is There E-Mobility in India?

Electric mobility, often known as e-mobility, refers to the use of electric vehicles such as e-cars, electric bikes or scootys, and electric vans. All vehicles have one trait in common: they are either entirely or partially powered by electricity. The transportation industry is evolving. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and consumers are just getting the opportunity to switch to something smart and cost-effective.

Many people question why e-mobility is needed in the first place. To offer an example, time and technology have advanced considerably, and the alarming nature of climate change and pollution cannot be overlooked. This feature reads about these killing issues that gives rise to the need of mobility using renewable and sustainable energy.  

Reasons behind e-mobility in India

A. Effects of conventional ICE vehicles on the environment  

ICE vehicles emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses that have a long-term effect on the environment.  All conventional ICE vehicles used for transportation are the single largest contributor to air pollution.

a. Global warming- Increasing number of ICE vehicles is the major cause of global warming.  Greenhouse gasses which emit from the traditional vehicles trap heat in the atmosphere and for that, the temperature significantly increases worldwide. Today earth is warming at a faster rate and a major step has to be taken to slow the rate. Otherwise, the temperature of the earth is on track to increase by an additional 7? or more by the year 2100. This increasing temperature will affect farming, wildlife, sea levels, and natural landscapes.

b. Air, Soil and Water- Nitrous oxide emitted from conventional vehicles is responsible for ozone layer depletion. The ozone layer protects the earth from the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. When Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxides are responsible for acid rain which damages vegetation and buildings. Oil and fuel spills from the ICE vehicle contaminate lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

B. Deterioration of human health

Car pollutants are responsible for damaging the lungs as well as skin and eye irritation and allergies. The emission of carbon monoxide is very harmful to infants and causes heart disease as it reduces the ability of the blood to transport oxygen. Engine noise from conventional ICE vehicles is also harmful and damages your hearing. It is also responsible for psychological ill-health.

C. High fuel price

High price of petrol and diesel causes higher transportation costs. It means the price of essential commodities will increase automatically. It is very difficult for those who belong to lower-middle-class families or below the poverty level. Normally people may not buy any non-essential commodities and that causes fewer sales for many businesses. So, indirectly high fuel price is responsible for an economic slowdown.

D. Indian Rupees losing value

The value of Indian rupees decline this year drastically, losing almost 4% against the U.S. dollar since the beginning of 2022. 

The main reason for declining the value of the Indian rupee is excessive imported crude oil. India is in the third position for using crude oil after USA and China. India has imported more than 80 percent of crude oil from foreign countries. This reduces the country’s foreign exchange reserves and makes Indian rupees less valuable.

Bottom Line:

These are some consequences of conventional ICE vehicles. Only one thing can solve all the problems and that is electric mobility. For every vehicle starting from commercial vehicles, buses, scooters, and even bikes, there is an electric alternative.  

Zero-emission electric vehicles can reduce pollution and give you a healthy life and environment.

In this current situation, common people are looking for an alternate way to save their money in the high price market. Replacing your conventional vehicle with an electric vehicle is the best choice for you.

If you can reduce the consumption of fuel, the country could create a sustainable economic condition. Less use of fuel means less import of crude oil and it is only possible by converting all traditional vehicles into electric vehicles.

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