When to go service center for your electric scooter?

What will you do if you notice that while riding, your electric scooter is making a strange noise? Or, what would you do if the indicators on your electric scooter broke down? Is there a problem with your e-scooter, or should you take it to the service center? There are many things to understand about electric scooters, particularly when a problem unexpectedly arises. You may learn more about smart electric bike and scooter issues and when to visit a service center using this feature.

When should I go to a service center for my electric scooter?

In India, electric two wheelers such as smart battery bikes and e-scootys don't require the same level of maintenance as their regular petrol counterparts. Due to the substantially longer service intervals, you won't be required to bring your electric scooter to the service center every month. 

e bikesCompared to their petrol counterparts, maintenance costs for these smart two wheelers operating on batteries are significantly lower. Before buying an electric scooter, it is best to get the full picture from the manufacturing company regarding after-sales support and other maintenance charges.

There are more than 100 brands of EV scooters and EV bikes in India, and each manufacturer has a unique after-sales curriculum. Depending on the brand or manufacturer's after-sales program, you might need to bring your electric EV scooter in for service every two to three months.

AMO Mobility Solutions is one brand that has been producing instructional videos on how to fix various problems with their electric two-wheelers. You can use their tutorials to diagnose and fix problems on your own, or you can hire a private technician or electrical specialist to assist you.

In general, mechanical problems with electric vehicles, particularly battery-driven two-wheelers, are incredibly rare, which is fantastic news for those who spend a lot of money on servicing and maintaining their petrol two-wheelers every month or so.

The most expensive components of any electric bike or ev scooty are the battery and motor, but you don't need to worry about them because they are covered by warranty. If the battery or motor malfunctions in any way, take it to the service/repair center (typically attached to your electric bike dealership) where it will be fixed for free if it is still covered by the warranty.

Major issues with electric scooters that calls for a visit to service center

Battery scooters and EV bikes require almost no maintenance, but since they are machines, problems might arise at any time.

You should visit your service center to have the following issues fixed if they occur with your electric two-wheeler.

a.Your battery bike is producing unusual sound or noise

b. The electric scooter is not producing adequate pickup or acceleration

c. Your smart ebike is not starting even after multiple ignition trials

d. Your smart EV scooter is generating smoke or fumes through the exhaust

e. Battery is unable to come into action/Dried or exhausted battery/Water accumulated over the battery pack

f. The speed controller suddenly packed up and ebike stopped running

g. Loose or disconnected wires/Wires get torned

h. Headlights and taillights not working

i. Indicators malfunction 

j. Display or instrument panel is not working

k. Side Stand Sensor is not working

l. Braking and suspension issue

m. Wheel alignment problem

n. Problems during ignition

o. Electric sparks were observed during ignition

battery bikesThe only aspect about which you should be concerned is the wear and tear that may occur on the wheels and tyres as a result of repeated contact and friction with the road surface. Learn more about the maintenance of tyres in the following section.

How to keep tyres in good health? Electric Scooters Maintenance

Modern smart electric two wheelers have tyres that are extremely tough and effective in all weather conditions. But because they are frequently exposed to heat, wetness, and friction, tyres have a limited lifespan, just like every other mechanical component of a motorbike. It is good to go through periodic maintenance of tyres.

E-bike technicians at AMO Mobility Solutions advise customers to frequently wash their e-bike tyres with soap and water once a week to get rid of the dirt and other debris that has accumulated on them.

Since the majority of e scooter tyres are tubeless, you will have plenty of time to fix them even if there is a leak. But, prior to taking your battery scooty out for a ride, you should regularly check the tyre pressure.

Low or high tyre pressure can potentially harm an e-vehicle and reduce its overall performance. It may also lead to –

a. Limited performance

b. Chance of flat/deflated tyres

c. Slippery tyres on wet surface

d. Irregular friction

e. Uncomfortable riding experience

f. Drains battery cells

g. More expense on tyres

Here are a few things you should do to maintain the health of your e-bike tyres.

6 tips to keep your battery bike tyres in top health

a. Maintain the air pressure at the level that the battery scooter maker/brand has advised.

b. At least once per week, check the tyre pressure on your battery bike by visiting a service center or any private repair shop.

c. Always fill your tyres in the morning because the cool air readily extends throughout the entire day.

d. Avoid rash driving with your EV scooty or e-bike as it can put intense pressure on them.

e.Check to see if your tyres' treads are worn out in the center or more on the outer rim. If they do wear out, be sure to change the tyres before any serious accidents occur.

f. Refrain from parking your smart battery bike or smart electric scooty in areas with strong sunshine or chemical exposure.

Wrap Up:

You may need to do maintenance on your e-scooter or even take it to the service center or nearest e bike dealership if you use it for a significant number of kilometers. In fact, you should plan on a repair of some kind every 500–600 km, or every 2–3 months. The most frequent problem may be a flat tyre, as well as slow acceleration or poor braking.

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