What is the range of the latest AMO electric bike Jaunty I Pro?

The Jaunty i-Pro e-bike had a sensational premiere in April, when it was released nationwide alongside Ajay Devgn's latest sports thriller Maidan. It is yet another proud addition to AMO's already impressive fleet of electric bikes, which has already raised heads in the industry. The Jaunty i-Pro has been reported to have a maximum range of 120 kilometers in single charge at optimum speed. In this segment, we'll discover more about the Jaunty i-Pro electric bikes. 

Jaunty I-Pro EV bike: Speed, Range, Performance and more

AMO Mobility Solutions, based in Noida, has launched the Jaunty i-Pro High Speed electric scooter designed for urban commuting. This feature-rich e-scooter has a maximum range of 120 kilometers (about 75 miles) on a single charge, making it an appealing choice for environmentally concerned commuters looking for a practical and sustainable method of mobility. 

This extended range has been achieved through efficient programming of the motor controller and battery management system (BMS) to optimize energy use. The BMS monitors each cell continuously to maximize performance. In addition, the regenerative braking technology also adds more punch to the range. 

But there's more to this electric beast. 

The Jaunty i-Pro has a powerful 2.11kW motor that can reach a peak power of 2.9 kW. Its variable speed mode provides versatility, with Eco mode reaching speeds of up to 35 km/h, City mode reaching 49 km/h, and Power mode accelerating to 60km/h. The scooter is equipped with a 72V/35Ah NMC lithium battery, which provides a high battery capacity of 2.52 kWh and increased ride stability.

high speed electric scooterThe Jaunty i-Pro is built for maneuverability and comfort, with a longer front telescopic suspension and a gas-loaded coil spring rear suspension. The 12-inch tires give stability and grip, while the automatic headlamp-on feature and LED lamps ensure visibility and safety in low-light situations. With cruise control and regenerative braking, the scooter provides a smooth and efficient riding experience.

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Additional features to excite about:

The Jaunty i-Pro High Speed electric scooter also boasts a range of additional features designed to enhance the riding experience:

Combi Braking System: This system combines front and rear brakes for effective stopping power.

Regenerative Braking System: This system helps to recharge the battery by capturing energy during braking.

12-Inch Tires: These tires offer a good balance of performance, comfort, and handling.

Automatic Headlamp ON (AHO): This feature ensures improved visibility for the rider at all times.

Cruise Control: This feature allows the rider to maintain a constant speed for effortless cruising.

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Technical upgrades seen in the new electric bikes 

The Jaunty i-Pro goes beyond just offering an impressive range. Here are some noteworthy technological upgrades that were performed by the team AMO:

Smart BMS (Battery Management System): This system ensures optimal battery health, performance, and safety.

CAN 2.0B Communication Protocol: This advanced protocol allows for efficient communication between various electrical components, enhancing overall scooter performance.

CAN-Based Smart Digital Speedometer with Safety Buzzer: The easy-to-read display provides vital information to the rider, while the safety buzzer alerts of potential issues.

The Jaunty i-Pro has a good range for its price line, meeting the demands of city commuters while still enabling longer intercity travels when needed. It's smart, reliable, and efficient for a truly smooth electric ride. 

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