What is e-mobility service provider?

The rise of electric vehicles is radically altering the transport industry, while it is also changing the way how people travel from one place to another. Due to the growing number of electric vehicles on the road, EV charging stations are in high demand. This demand automatically prompted the growth of several allied services and products. One key service is charging solutions, which has been broadly discussed below.

E-mobility service provider (EMSP) or Electric Vehicle Service Provider (EVSP) is those business offerings that cater to owners and drivers of electric vehicles. These offerings are mostly related to charging solutions but other services may also be provided by them.

Consider yourself stranded on a highway with a dead battery in your electric bike. You can seek urgent assistance from an EMSP to resolve the problem. An e-mobility service provider can either assist you in charging your electric bike on the highway or replace your bike's entire battery set. 

Electric Vehicle Service Provider may also perform tune-ups, oil changes, cooling system flushes, transmission repairs, and the replacement of the air filter, spark plugs and drive belts in addition to battery replacement or recharging.

Additionally, EV owners may also want to repair tyres, have their brakes inspected, and may be necessary to replace steering and suspension components, hoses, headlamps, taillights, and other components. If your electric vehicle leans to one side or has abnormal tyre wear, you will need a wheel alignment.

EMSP must evolve with a network of similar providers in a specific region or country in order to become a faultless and smooth service. This will help to alleviate time constraints. For example, if there are fewer e mobility service providers in India, it may take longer to resolve any EV issue due to a lack of EMSPs.

Work methodology of E-mobility Service Provider

In some cases, the e-mobility service provider is the lone unit responsible for the overall repair and maintenance of your electric vehicles like an electric scooter, electric bike, or electric car/van. The EMSP is responsible for a variety of tasks, including charge card provisioning, charging point location and navigation apps, roaming network management and expansion, customer administration, and establishing charging session pricing for EV owners and drivers.

In other cases, EVSP may combine the services of multiple cross-functional mobility companies as well as other service providers such as mobile, navigation, booking, and remote maintenance of vehicles to provide consumers with enhanced mobility through support and facilities throughout the travel sequence.

EVSPs may deploy a range of technology to engage all business segments, and IoT and AI can play a major role in shaping the future of EVSPs and others alike. 

Individual EVSPs may need to determine in the future whether they will undertake all of their work themselves or whether they will need another vendor to distribute some tasks. Due to a lack of critical resources and infrastructures, EVSPs may be forced to seek out alternative vendors. This will also assist to diversify the sector and, as a result, creating more jobs.

On the other hand, consumers may also like to see different vendors when it comes to instant repairing and maintenance of vehicles, only if EVSPs fail to comprehend the issue single-handedly. EVSPs may act as a one-stop window for consumers to handle their issues related to electric vehicles.

As the number of electric vehicles rises, India will need to address the issue of charging and battery replacement aggressively. Electric bikes and e-scooters are plying at a large number in India, and the lack of charging infrastructure may hurt both consumers and manufacturers. The Indian federal government must align expertise to accommodate new service providers who are intent on offering the best mobility services in India. 

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