Top Electric Scooters Under 80000

Electric scootys or scooters driven by batteries have a significant advantage over traditional vehicles fueled by petrol or diesel. E-scooters are particularly environmentally friendly. It stems from the fact that they do a variety of things to help cut carbon emissions, transportation congestion, and commute time.

All of these factors combine to provide an extremely potent form of mobility. Essentially, all electric vehicles (EVs) offer such advantages that they handle the most serious pollution issues. Electric scooters, which are classified as EV, are making huge progress in the Indian vehicle industry at the moment. Do you intend to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) or an e-scooty? Do you know that you can obtain the best electric scooters from Amo Mobility for less than Rs. 80,000?














A. Jaunty

The sporty-looking e scooter Jaunty combines cutting-edge technologies, carefully distributed space underneath the seat, and the power of a Li-Ion battery that charges rapidly and also this is detachable you can charge it anywhere. The Jaunty is propelled by a 249 W Brushless DC motor with a 100-kilometer range. Jaunty has a top speed of 25 kmph, making it perfect for intracity travel. Buyers will enjoy the ride thanks to the large 10-inch tubeless tyres, telescopic fork, and spring-loaded gas suspension in the front and rear tyres. With Jaunty, you get an attractive 3 years or 30,000 km of vehicle warranty along with a 1-year of battery warranty. Jaunty is available with all Amo dealers in India in 6 different colours namely white, blue, grey, red, and yellow. EABS, Engine Kill Switch, Side Stand Sensor, and LED headlights enhance the overall safety and style of Jaunty. With a price tag of less than Rs. 80,000, the Jaunty is a powerful electric scooter in its class that is putting up a fight against other companies' electric scooters.

B. Inspirer

In India's tier-2 and tier-3 cities, Amo's Inspirer is one of the best-selling electric scooty. It costs less than Rs. 80,000. Although it is lightweight and stylish, the Inspirer features a robust battery and pickup that appeals to Indian consumers. The Inspirer's overall elegance is enhanced by its ergonomic form and colourful graphics. Depending on the battery type, this e-scooter can travel 75 to 100 kilometres. Inspirer now comes with two types of batteries. The Inspirer's top speed is limited to 25 kilometres per hour, which is sufficient to provide the most enjoyable driving experience possible in an electric vehicle. Inspirer is particularly inspiring because it comes with a 3-year vehicle warranty and a 1-year battery warranty.

C. Feisty EV

Feisty EV is India's most cost-effective electric scooter. Feisty EV is a family-friendly e scooty that's both efficient and reliable. It frequently strikes connections with female riders. Feisty is available in four appealing colour combinations and is powered by a BLDC motor with a 100-kilometer range. The Feisty EV has a top speed of 25 kilometres per hour, which is deemed enough for Indian cities and towns. Feisty's alloy wheels and tubeless tyres are paired with front and rear disc and drum brakes, respectively. Feisty is now the best lightweight e-scooty in India, with a solid warranty on both the vehicle and the battery. Feisty also has an advantage due to EABS and the Side Stand Sensor, both of which improve safety.

Here are some better electric scooter options by AMO Electric Bikes for your choice. For medium range you can also choose Jaunty Pro and Brisk. For high range (100+ KM*) you can go for Jaunty Plus. For disabled or senior citizens AMO also has a three wheel electric scooter Jaunty 3W.

These electric scooters are under Rs. 80000 price tags that have made Amo a successful EV manufacturer in India. If you also want to get an Amo electric bike, visit your nearest dealer.

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