Top Electric Scooters Price List in India

Demand for electric scooters is rising in India and worldwide due to its safe and fun riding experience. EVs are becoming more popular as a mode of transportation among people across the world. As we see more people owning electric vehicles, a growing need for electric bikes, e-scooters and electric cars is expected. Those who love electric scooters often have a good justification for their love. Electric scooter growth has been steady and progressive in recent years, so it's no wonder that we are starting to see more people choosing to use EV scooters as opposed to their ICE counterparts.

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Find top electric scooter price list and specifications recently launched in India. Get price information about the latest electric scooters like Ola electric scooter S1, Ola S1 pro, AMO Jaunty Plus, Ather 450x, TVS iQube, Hero Electric Optima, Bajaj Chetak etc that are trending in the market. This page will also help you find more emerging electric scooter brands or new in electric like Okinawa electric scooter, Ampere electric scooter, Pure EV, Vespa electric scooter, Okaya electric scooter, Yamaha electric scooter, electric Activa, Benling Aura and more with the best electric scooter models in India for your needs. You'll find specs, reviews and prices for each of the top models.

Find top electric scooters price list in India, specifications with an increasing trend.

A. Ola Electric

Ola Electric is an India startup working with a vision to reduce global emissions and fossil fuel dependency with a revolutionary electric mission. The company has launched 3 electric scooter models named Ola S1, Ola S1 Pro and Ola S1 Air. Find the most popular Ola electric scooter S1 Pro price in India below.

Model: Ola S1 Pro

Price: Rs 1,39,999 (Starting price)

Range: 170 km (True range)


B. AMO Electric Bikes

AMO Electric Bikes is a leading EV manufacturer in India working with a vision to convert ‘E-mobility into Mass Mobility’. AMO launched more than half a dozen electric scooter models in the Indian EV industry. Some popular names are Jaunty, Jaunty Plus, Inspirer, Feisty EV, Brisk, Jaunty 3W etc. Find the most popular AMO Electric Scooter Jaunty price in India below. Click to know electric scooter price in metro cities in India.

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Model: Jaunty

Price: Rs 65,064 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Range: 75/100* KM













C. Ather Energy

Ather Energy is an EV manufacturing company headquartered in Bangalore. Ather launched two electric scooter models named Ather 450X and 450X Plus in the Indian electric two-wheeler space. Find the most popular Ather electric scooter, Ather 450X price in India below.

Model: Ather 450x

Price: Rs 1,58,462 (Ex-showroom)

Range: 105 KM (True range)


D. TVS Motors

TVS Motor Company is one of the well established automakers in India. TVS Motor entered into the electric mobility segment with the launch of the iQube e scooter in January 2020. TVS iQube received a heartening response and has crossed the 50,000 units sales milestone since the launch. Find the most popular TVS electric scooter, TVS iQube price in India below.

Model: TVS iQube

Price: Rs 99,130 (On Road Price)

Range: 100 KM


E. Hero Electric

Hero Electric is India’s leading electric scooter company. Its product range includes a wide variety of electric scooter models in the Indian electric two-wheeler space. Find the most popular Hero Electric scooter, Hero Electric Optima CX price in India below.

Model: Optima CX (Single Battery)

Price: Rs 76,190 (Ex-showroom)

Range: 82* KM


F. Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto Limited is India’s leading automotive manufacturing company. Bajaj surprised the world with its premium e scooter Chetak that was launched in January 2020 in the Indian EV space. Find the most popular Bajaj electric scooter, Bajaj Chetak price in India below.

Model: Bajaj Chetak

Price: Rs 1,40,561 (Ex-showroom)

Range: 90+ KM


G. Okinawa

Okinawa Autotech is a 2015 established, Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer working with a mission to create two wheelers that can drive our present towards a sustainable future. IPraise, Okhi-90 and Ridge 100 etc are some popular models of Okinawa. Find the most popular Okinawa electric scooter, Okinawa Praise Pro price in India below.

Model: Praise Pro

Price: Rs 99,645 (Ex-showroom)

Range: 81* KM


H. Ampere EV

Ampere EV is a battery powered scooter manufacturing company in India. Ampere designs electric vehicles that power India through New Age Energy. Find the most popular Ampere electric scooter, Ampere Magnus EX price in India below.

Model: Ampere Magnus EX

Price: Rs 81,900 (Ex-showroom)

Range: 121 KM


I. Pure EV

Pure EV is a 2015 established, India’s battery scooter company. EPluto 7G, eTryst 350, Ecodryft are popular electric two-wheeler models by Pure EV. Find the most popular Pure EV electric scooter, EPluto 7G  price in India below.

Model: Epluto 7G

Price: Rs 92,999 (Ex-showroom)

Range: 90-120 KM


J. Okaya EV

Okaya has been a pioneer in the battery manufacturing industry for 4 decades in India. Company has entered into the electric mobility space as Okaya EV, offering solutions from Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Batteries under its commitment towards environmental conservation and making India an EV hub. Find the most popular Okaya electric scooter, FAAST F2T price in India below.

Model: FAAST F2T

Price: Rs 88,999 (Ex-showroom)

Range: 70-85 KM

You can select a suitable electric scooter model according to your price range, features and brand. We have a wide range of high-end and latest models of charging scooters, which are available at reasonable prices across the country. Find the best electric scooter price list in India here at our blog.

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