Tips To Improve The Battery Health Of My E-Bikes And E-Scooters

Nowadays, E-Bikes in India are very insanely famous, thanks to enhanced technology and design elements that has grabbed consumer attention. If you are using an electric scooter in India, you should try to extend the battery life as much as possible to improve the overall performance of the vehicle. Periodic battery maintenance will not only assist save money but will also keep the electric vehicle safe from unnecessary damages and fire-related problems, which has halted the growth of EV in the Indian market.  

This article provides the best tips for maintaining the battery health of e-bikes and e-scooters, which are becoming more and more common in India.

Tips to improve the battery life of our EVs

Follow these tips below to improve your electric bike’s battery health.

a). Try not to overcharge your battery

b). Do check your batteries every two weeks

c). Avoid spilling water over the battery

d). Don’t use salted water to wash vehicle or battery

e). Don’t keep your battery close to chemicals or fire

Read the instruction manual to handle batteries

While the aforementioned advice is crucial to take into account, the following points should also be kept in mind to help your electric scooter's battery last longer.

Steps that can help improve your e-bike battery health

1. Always charge your electric bike in ideal conditions

Many users try to charge their electric bike right away after a long drive, especially when the battery is hot. When the battery and motor are still heated, charging should be avoided. Always wait until the vehicle has cooled down before plugging in the charger.

Additionally, avoid charging your electric bike close to any chemicals or combustible objects. Always look for an area that is dry, clean and chilly to charge your electric vehicle.

2. Avoid overloading

A maximum load is suggested for an electric scooter by each e-scooter manufacturer after conducting a load test. The maximum carrying or load capacity of an e-bike or e-scooty normally ranges from 100 kg to 200 kg, though it may vary between variants. On your electric bike or e-scooter, prevent overloading to ensure the battery operates at its best. A vehicle under too much load will experience pressure on its tyres as well as increased stress on its batteries. 

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3. Don't accelerate unevenly

The power of an electric bike or vehicle is inferior to that of a petrol bike. An E Bikes in India just requires a small amount of accelerator pressure. Therefore, you should avoid applying uneven or excessive acceleration when driving because doing so would also place an uneven load on the batteries, which they cannot withstand. Always follow the manufacturer's recommended speed limit.

4. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

You can guarantee that your tyres and batteries will last longer if you keep the right pressure on tyres. On the other hand, improper tyre inflation can lead to both uneven battery tension and frequent wear and tear. You should be aware that tyres with excessive air pressure or low air pressure cause greater friction and shorten the lifespan of your electric vehicle batteries.

5. Follow usage-based charging

The normal range of a scooter powered by batteries is 50 kilometers or such. The recommended charging schedule for people who commute regularly over short distances of 10 to 20 km is once every two days. Remember that if your batteries have more than 30% of their charge left, you don't need to charge them every day.

Expert Tip:

People who work for AMO Mobility Solutions, a major e-bike manufacturer in India, claim that ever since fire-related accidents became publicly known, they have always provided their customers with advice on how to properly use and maintain batteries. Remember that every battery has unique attributes, and the chargers are no different. Depending on the battery you're using in your scooter, each charger's voltage and current parameters change. If the charger's parameters are altered, the battery can be affected. Therefore, it is always advised that you use the appropriate charger that the manufacturer provides. Using a different or substandard charger could result in excessive heating and even bring changes to the cell's health, both of which could seriously harm the battery.

Bottom Line:

The battery, which may be thought of as the motherboard connecting to the expensive microcontrollers and motor, is an essential component of electric scooters. All of the parts in your e-bike or e-scooter will function at their best if your batteries are kept in good condition. However, a number of other factors, like temperature and poor road condition, are also at fault and occasionally have an impact on battery performance.

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