Jaunty Pro Is A Class Part E Scooty In Cost-Effective Mobility

Amo Mobility's blitzkrieg success the previous year transformed the fledgling mobility firm's prospects in a spectacular way. The gravity of such monumental success is clearly visible in its latest products and services. Not only had the company come out profitable in the recent months but also their Electric Bike dealerships who had to withstand the massive roadblocks created by the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest E Scooty launched by Amo is already sending shockwaves to its competitors. The company has received numerous queries on the Electric Scooter, which has been given some breathtaking renovations from the previous one. Jaunty Pro is also an offshoot of a previous model, Jaunty that has also seen widespread sales in the central and northern cities of the country. The need for this renovation was inevitable as the company saw many opportunities with trendy designs and comfort factors. 

e scootyThe unwavering approach to design Jaunty Pro was crucial to its success as designers and product innovators used a plethora of ideas and concepts to make things work in their favor. For this, the company indulged a few leading experts from the industry who have shown no leniency in their approach. 

Jaunty Pro E Scooty – A brief review

The trendy and astounding design pattern of Jaunty Pro is praiseworthy – thanks to the designers who went days without sleep to give the best performance. 

On positive sections, the solid and comfortable grip produced by Jaunty Pro's 12" tyres, combined with the low 82 kg kerb weight, makes the ride feel very extremely pleasant. With its impressive range, Jaunty Pro can help you with local transportation requirements in a city. You can also use its range to travel to a nearby spot for any adventurous rounds. The powerfully-built frame is quite rare in the low-cost Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes and it shows the company's commitment to delivering high-performing products. 

The Jaunty Pro's suspension system and solid chassis provide a compelling case for high levels of innovation, as they work together to provide a comfortable riding experience. Besides its lightweight nature, the Jaunty Pro is a definite solution to low-speed mobility in congested areas in the country. The Jaunty Pro is a real winner in traversing a large distance swiftly in places that have narrow and pot-holed roads, intense traffic, and usual Indian chaos. 

electric scooterThe design team of Amo has also done a wonderful job in Jaunty Pro’s headlights and display system. While headlights were given LED, the taillights were made of bulbs. The newest Electric Scooter from the house of Amo is also fitted with a stylish daytime running light, which makes it additionally noticeable on the streets.

The glamorous piece of mobility, Jaunty Pro, is loaded with next-generation electronics to provide the smartest mobility experience to its users. While many people may not like the speed limit of Jaunty Pro, it is, however, intentionally made to be cost-effective for Indian riders. Moreover, low speed doesn’t alone make the bike victorious. The most promising part of Jaunty Pro is its warranty – a whopping 3-year warranty or 30,000 kilometers.  

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