Is it worth waiting for electric motor bikes in India?

When it comes to smart buying, no doubt Electric Bikes are becoming a first choice for smart buyers in India. Pocket friendly price, efficient and environment friendly feature, lower operating cost and amazingly attractive models are some of the important reasons why Indians are falling in love with electric vehicles.

Now, let us see in detail why it is worth waiting for electric motor bikes in India?

Low Maintenance Cost:-

If you look at Electric Bikes, then the overall cost of ownership is approximately half of the traditional petrol fueled bikes cost (estimation within a timeline of six years). These bikes are lighter in weight and have got about 25 moving parts way less than a petrol-run bike that has 2,000 moving parts.

This is the very reason why operational cost is almost zero compared to petrol/diesel scooter.

Eco Friendly & Zero Toxic Emissions:-

If you are a Nature lover, then it is a right time to shift to Electric Scooty/ Electric bikes.  Traditional vehicles add as much as 40 per cent of total emission load in the national capital Delhi. Whereas AMO mobility bikes/ scooters stands for zero emission- no toxic emissions in nature. 

Through Eco Friendly Electric vehicles you can significantly reduce harmful emissions such as carbon and nitrous oxide gases. So contribute to our Mother planet, go for a green vehicle.

Huge Tax Benefits:-

The upfront cost of buying electric vehicles is reduced considerably due to income tax reduction. Yes, on purchase of electric vehicles an additional income tax deduction of about Rs 1.5 Lakh has been announced by the Modi government in the Union Budget 2019-20.

No custom duty on lithium-ion cells has reduced the cost of batteries and inspired local battery manufacturers to widen the business horizon.

Bottom line:-

These mind lowing merits showcase that going for electric vehicles is a wise option on many fronts. Still Folks, you can freely Comment below about what is your reason for buying Electric Scooters/ Electric Bikes in India.

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