How to Choose the Right Electric Scooter?

Although studies have shown that a significant section of the Indian populace is still unaware of the electric vehicles or EVs technology, electric scooters and electric bikes have suddenly become the mainstream mobility alternative in the nation. Such ignorance typically irks buyers, who end up buying products that don't meet their needs. Don't worry. This guide will assist you in choosing the best electric scooter.

How to choose the right electric scooter or electric bike in 2023?

It's not difficult to choose the right electric scooter, e-scooty, or e-bike, but you must first assess your needs and financial situation or budget. There are many different electric two-wheeler brand names on the market, and their products are offered in a range of sizes and pricing levels. You can find the need and budget information in the section that follows.

Finding Requirement: Why do I need an electric bike or electric scooter? What’s special about electric scooters?

Here are four typical things about electric scooters that you must know.

Four amazing things about electric scooters or e scootys to know before choosing one

A. Because E Scooty run on battery power, they don't release any harmful gases. Electric two-wheeler bikes and scooters can be more precious to you if you care about the environment, its lush ecosystem, and the millions of species and animals as well as the flora that it supports.

B. Electric scooters are regarded as the most affordable mode of transportation in India because of the low cost of the nation's electricity. Electric scooters, whose running costs are almost a tenth of those of petrol scooters and bikes, can help you save more money at the end of the month.

C. Electric scooters are uncomplicated machines devoid of parts susceptible to wear and tear. In other words, they require almost no maintenance. E-scooters are maintenance-free and won't have many mechanical issues, so if you're sick of paying monthly maintenance fees for your existing petrol-powered bike or scooter, don't worry.

electric scootyD. Because they are simple to start, ride, and navigate through highly populated towns and cities and even highways, battery bikes and battery scooters are also a fantastic alternative for minimalist consumers in India. So, if you enjoy quiet and effortless rides unlike noisy petrol or diesel vehicles, choose an Electric Scooty or E bike.

So, you can choose an electric two wheeler or battery scooter, or e bike if - 

a. You care for the environment

b. You want low-cost rides with electricity

c. You want low maintenance on your vehicles

d. You want a noise-free and minimalist mobility solution

Now, consider the following cases that will help with evaluating the range and budget of your electric scooter.

3 types of electric scooters available in Indian market || Speed, Range and Price 2023

A. Low-range scooters, which are very efficient, work well for distances of 40 to 50 km, or about a small town or village. These products range in price from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 on the market. They travel at an optimized speed of 20 to 25 kmph. These types of scooters are useful in cost-effectiveness, and hence, require minimal maintenance. 

B. Electric battery scooters with a medium range can provide greater mileage. They typically cost more than Rs. 70,000 and have a top speed of 50–60 kmph, giving them a range of more than 100 km.

C. A high-range electric scooter or battery bike has a top speed of more than 60 kmph and a range of more than 120 km. Most of them cost more than Rs. 1 lakh. These types of e-scooters aren’t considered cost-effective and hence, ride costs may be higher.

Now that you are aware of the speed, range and price, you can easily come to the final choice. But, there is more to the technicalities, which have been explained below. 

As you can see, India has a wide variety of road conditions. There are some rural village roads, some metropolitan roads, and then there are the steep or hilly areas too. Hilly areas can have roads with steep slopes. You should select an electric scooter with higher gradeability if you want it to be able to climb a big incline.

It should be noted that electric scooters with high power output will have enough thrust to ride through hilly areas. For instance, our premium model Jaunty Plus, producing 1.265 kW of power, has a gradeability of 18 degrees, which is regarded to be moderate and can easily be driven across most hilly areas but not particularly steep slopes.

What other things to consider while buying an electric scooter in 2023?

Simple or minimalist electric scooters don’t have cutting-edge features although AMO Mobility Solutions’ Inspirer, Jaunty and Brisk battery scooty models are equipped with some like side stand sensor, digital display, EABS, LED headlights, speed-control switch, and tubeless tyres.

e scootyEven if you are thinking about buying a cheap or limited-range electric battery bike, you should at least choose some of the best features. Any electric scooter must have a digital instrumentation panel or display and enough of storage space underneath the seat. 

Under-seat storage is good for storing your helmet or other useful things. The storage may be near the legroom or on the back side of the scooter on other e scooter models from other brands.

The ability to charge batteries quickly is another crucial trait seen in the best electric scooters. In order to benefit from being able to immediately charge your vehicle in an emergency, you need select or choose an e-scooty with the same feature.

Finally, you should take a look at the following aspects or specifications as well. 

a. Suspension system

b. Braking system

c. Battery Rating (High battery rating indicates high power output and high range and vice versa)

d. Motor Type (Mostly, brushless DC motor is used in Indian electric two wheelers)

e. Charging time

f. Gross or Kerb Weight

g. Ground Clearance

Wrap Up:-

The coolest thing about electric two-wheelers or battery scootys is that they are very compact and portable and it gives immense comfort when you are driving through congested or crowded places. If you are looking for the best e-scooty in your town, make sure to give a test ride before buying one. Also, make sure that you get some free services from the Electric Scooter Dealership. Most battery bike dealerships gives lucrative offers and discounts during festive times, and hence, you can enjoy the most savings if you buy an e-bike or e-scooter during that period.

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