How is the battery life of AMO Jaunty Electric Scooter?

AMO Jaunty Electric Scooter in India is a better option for rider on the road than a traditional scooter due to some significant reasons such as good performance, reduction in maintenance cost, nature friendly, affordable rate and many safety features. However, some customers/ riders are doubtful about battery life of an Electric Scooter, they feel Electric Scooter batteries are long lasting and can increase the overall cost of the scooter.

Now, let us see how is the battery life of AMO Jaunty Electric Scooter?

In reality, AMO Electric Bikes is offering both type of batteries in its electric scooters - Lithium and VRLA (60 volts each). In AMO Jaunty Electric Scooters so there is no point in issue in battery life quality. The quality is of premium quality and battery life of AMO Jaunty Electric Scooter is for more than 2 years if used responsibly.

As AMO has proven itself in the market with the grand features and cost effectiveness, the demand for AMO electric scooter models have risen significantly. For every transportation need, these world class electric scooters are great option.

AMO Jaunty Electric Bikes in India is loaded with Brushless DC hub motor and offers convenience, safety, speed and ease of use. It is a best option for the majority of daily commuters and riders. To know more feel free to call us!

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