How Can I Get Electric Bike Dealership?

Fossil fuel prices are rising at an alarming rate, making it expensive for several consumers. As a result, people are converting to electric mobility with e-scootys, e-bikes, etc. Due to this, a slew of electric bike dealerships have popped up in India. Do you also have any plans to open an electric bike dealership in your area? There are many firms in India that produce battery bikes and battery scooters, but you must determine which one provides the best return on investment and is the most cost-effective electric bike.

This article will describe the steps involved in establishing an e-bike dealership in India.

How to get an electric bike dealership in India?

Many firms or e-scooty manufacturers in India, such as Ola, Ather, Revolt, Okinawa, Avon, AMO, and others, offer Electric Bike Dealership opportunities in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. AMO Electric Bikes is one of India's most promising developing low-cost electric bike manufacturers.

On their website, you may apply for AMO E-bike dealerships and open your own charging bike showroom in India. If you know how to run a dealership, Amo Mobility, as the leader in cost-effective EV manufacture, is undoubtedly lucrative. Furthermore, a dealership's success is dependent not just on vehicle sales, but also on the service of the EVs. 

In India, you must provide the greatest service to your customers. If you want to make real profits, keep in mind that the service department's revenue should be able to soak up close to half of the dealership's total operating costs at any EV dealership.

The following is the minimum investment required to start an electric scooter dealership or franchise:  The cost of starting an AMO EV-bike dealership is 30 lakh rupees and could rise to 40 lakh rupees.

The minimum area required for Amo Dealership India is a minimum of 1000 square feet, which can make up an area for both the showroom and service center as well.

Who is the ideal candidate for an EV dealership in India?

A. A minimum of 21 years of age is required.

B. Should be a graduate student.

C. Investment of Rs. 30 lakh to Rs. 40 lakh.

D. Product knowledge is a plus.

E. There should be enough room for a Godown of 1000/1500 square feet.

F. Management/supervision potential is needed to attain good revenue in the market.

Benefits of AMO Electric Bikes dealership in India

A. You get good returns on investment with the brand AMO.

B. Due to its significant brand presence, you will enjoy more sales with the AMO dealership in India.

C. Attractive incentives are rolled out in festive seasons on various products like Jaunty, Inspirer, Jaunty Pro, Feisty EV, Brisk and Jaunty 3W.

D. Cost-effective electric bikes appeal more to consumers.

E. High mileage provided by Amo electric bikes is another remarkable thing that is sought by Indian consumers.

F. You also get all the support from AMO needed to run an EV dealership.

After you get the dealership, you must start running your after-sales service smoothly. This will greatly assist in attracting clients as well as cross-selling other AMO items. The marketing aspect of dealership should also be optimized to attract more consumers toward the products. 

Starting an EV dealership at the current moment would be highly profitable as petrol prices are continuously on the rise. In addition, people are tired of riding heavy bikes and scooters. This is an area where electric bikes and e-scootys are giving great comfort to the riders. They are not only light but also compact and dependable.

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