How AMO Electric Scooters is affordable for you?

AMO Mobility Solutions electric scooters are world class electric scooters with state-of-the-art technology and design benchmark. It has got bar-coding system for end to end tracking and amazing safety features.

So, How AMO Electric Scooters are affordable for you? It is just because AMO Mobility Scooters Prices start from less than INR 47000. AMO Motors SPIN is light weight electric scooter in India with great performance and sustainability.

 The company also has got 3 other E-bikes. E-scooters in India such as Jaunty, Inspire, and Jaunty ph- yes Jaunty – a powerful version of scooty model is offered to empower the women of this era. You may contribute to Mother Nature by purchasing these nature friendly AMO Electric Scooters.  

It has got Performance Enhancing Features such as Robust Chassis, Wheel size (10x3.0), Designed for High Pickup, High Ground clearance (150 mm) and Speed Control Switch. Moreover, Safety Features such as Engine Kill Switch, Front Disc Brake, Anti Theft Alarm and Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS) are the part and parcel of these electric scooters.

The company offers high-speed scooter models and convenient scooter models for catering to all kind of customers. The company AMO- a great among electric bike scooter manufacturers in India believes in sustainability and it wants to be the very best in EV industry. To check out AMO Electric Bikes in India - call our team today!

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