How AMO electric scooters change the mobility style of Indians?

People have historically relied entirely on traditional petrol bikes and scooters for transportation, but they now appear at ease using the latest electric mobility options, such as electric cars, electric scooters, and battery bikes. This is especially exciting for AMO Mobility Solutions, an emerging EV manufacturer in India, since the company advocates for further reform and regularly launches awareness campaigns to inform the public of the growing danger posed by emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles. To understand how AMO electric scooters changed the mobility style of Indians, you must read this feature.

Understanding the need for alternative mobility or EVs or electric scooters in India

Petrol and diesel-powered cars have been a crucial component of the globalized system for logistics and transportation. Before the Covid19 pandemic, the auto industry was already suffering enormous losses, and by the time the pandemic and its lockdown had lasted for two years, people's interest in transportation had drastically shifted. 

The idea that petrol and diesel will always be the preferred fuels for vehicles has become absurd in the early twenty-first century, and if you are aware of the rising cost of both petrol and diesel, you are aware of how severely Indian consumers who prioritize their budgets are in need of less expensive mobility options.

As per some experts, the new millennial generation has already rejected using public transportation, and the emergence of more accessible and affordable mobility options, such as electric vehicles, has upped the ante. EV scooters and smart electric bikes were a godsend for Indians who were worried about the growing expense of petrol and diesel.

Do Indian consumers have any other reasons to choose an electric scooter over a typical petrol scooter or petrol bike? Yes, there are two more grave reasons; they are listed below.

A. Colossal Impact of Environmental Issues

Many areas of India, including its people, have been severely impacted by environmental issues. For instance, the consequences of soil erosion have forced thousands of people in India to leave coastal areas as well as those who live close to rivers like the Ganga and the Brahmaputra. Unusual weather patterns and widespread flooding had an impact on both vegetation and livelihood. 

Increasing pollution from industries and petrol or diesel vehicles also raises temperatures and exacerbates respiratory illnesses. All of these are interrelated, making individuals more susceptible to mortality and infrastructure damage.

Analysts claim that the harm posed by vehicle emissions can be reduced by utilizing the latest innovations in the transportation industry. As a result, the idea of electric vehicles, such as electric automobiles, e-bikes, and battery scooters, has become increasingly popular.

B. Minimalist Idea of New-Age Consumers

The main advantage of having an electric bike or smart EV scooter is that they are incredibly simple to use and control on busy roads with lots of traffic. The majority of modern consumers want simple and minimalist designs and compared to petrol-powered bikes and scooters, electric two-wheelers only suit that minimalist purpose and operate with little maintenance. Users now enjoy more comfortable drives with minimalist action.

electric bikesBasically, there are no gears or complicated machinery in electric smart scooters or smart e bikes. Users so benefit from and experience a completely silent and gearless drive. Because there are fewer moving parts in electric two-wheelers, customers will have fewer mechanical issues and spend less money on maintenance.

In comparison, replacing simply the engine oil in petrol scooters and bikes costs Rs. 1000 or more every alternate month. You also spend a good amount of money on maintenance of petrol scooters and bikes. Wear and tear in such vehicles is also high and requires inspection from time to time. 

AMO Mobility Solutions, one of India's best emerging EV manufacturers, has introduced simple design concepts for their electric scooters. For instance, the AMO Inspirer and Feisty e-bikes look stunning and perform flawlessly in every traffic situation. Any member of the family, including a lady, a guy, or an old person, can easily operate one of these portable electric scooters.

How AMO electric scooters changed the mobility style of Indians?

Indians have been only observed to be skilled with petrol bikes and scooters. However, as AMO grows its business, it also has access to a vast network of e-bike dealerships that primarily serve tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns in India. So, in a short period of time, AMO has amassed a sizable consumer base in those places.

Vipin, a salesman who commutes by e-bike throughout Alwar, Rajasthan, uses his AMO Electric Bikes Jaunty Plus to reach his destination more swiftly and comfortably. He appreciates his electric scooter, which costs little to recharge and helps save a lot of money.

For Satish, who uses his clever electric scooter, the Inspirer, to carry his little child to and from school, the scooter greatly aids in his efficient and swift mobility. He claims that his Inspirer electric scooter is very simple to operate and frees him from carrying and moving heavy objects like his previous petrol bike.

The best outcome may have come from Nagarajan from Erode, who bought Jaunty Plus in 2020 and never looked back. With his electric scooter, Nagarajan then launched his own freelance ride-sharing business. He makes a good living doing daily pickups and drops. He claims that aside from routine maintenance from AMO'S electric bike dealership in Erode, he has not paid anything for any maintenance.

These examples demonstrate how electric scooters from AMO are the most useful for all activities in a city or town. With the arrival of electric vehicles, a lot of people's lives have changed, and along with life, Indians' mobility styles have also progressed. More and more individuals want to use their electric scooters to earn more money while also saving money.

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In Conclusion:

Indians' long-needed change in mobility style has been accomplished perfectly by AMO Mobility Solutions. AMO helps customers save money and find affordable conveyance solutions while preserving the environment by emitting zero toxic gases. AMO strives to continuously innovate in the sector, so in the near future, look for even fancier e bikes from the company that will significantly alter Indians' mobility style.

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