Electric scooter fire is scary, here’s how to avoid it

It is already in the news and getting viral dramatically. Fire incidents with electric scooters and electric bikes are really scary and tragic. According to accounts, this catastrophe has already claimed the lives of a few people in the country. Both manufacturers and customers are concerned about these instances. The electric vehicle craze may collapse due to fire incidents and battery explosions, both of which are extremely unusual.

In this article, you get to know what you can do in case of a fire with electric scooters and e-bikes in India. The feature explains tips to avoid them.  So, do read it.

How to avoid electric scooter fire incidents?

Overheating, short circuits, and malfunction or tension on the lithium-ion battery packs are likely to be the primary causes of fire-related incidents in e scooters and e bikes, according to auto experts and fire experts. The basic elements required to make these batteries include lithium, cobalt, and nickel, all of which are very combustible.

The union government has urged manufacturers to seek answers as soon as possible. According to a manufacturer, the Battery Management System, which ensures a battery's safety and effectiveness, is critical in dealing with such issues.

a)    Regularly inspect your e scooter or take it to an authorized service provider for maintenance.
b)    Keep your e-scooty in the shade, not in the sun or under the rain.
c)    When replacing the rechargeable battery, use extreme caution.
d)    Ride your e scooty or e-bike in normal mode whenever possible, and avoid overusing them in excessively hot temperatures.
e)    In the summer, charge your e scooter  or e-bike only at night and avoid unattended overnight charging, which reduces battery life.
f)    Only after e scooter's batteries have cooled to room temperature, plug it in to charge it.
g)    Do not charge the e scooter's batteries with unauthorized chargers.
h)    Keep your e scooter or e bike away from any flammable or heated appliances when charging.

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Here are some crucial questions to consider in order to properly maintain your electric scooter in India.

A. Is it ok to wash your electric scooter or bike with water?

No. Many components in these e-vehicles are sensitive and are not fully protected from water and other chemicals. So, you should not use water to wash your e-scooty. However, you can use a clean and wet towel to clean it up. One should never use salted water to clean the charging scooter.

B. Where to park e-scooter when not in use?

Your electric scooty should be stored in a safe, secure, neat, clean, and dry environment away from combustible materials. Don't leave your electric bike charging in the parking lot all night. They should not be parked in direct sunlight. On roads, you should park in the shade of trees.

C. What should you do before you start a journey with an e-scooter?

Perform a detailed inspection of the e-scooter before you start to travel with it. You should check for any abnormalities and faults. You should check the tyres pressure and brakes properly. Also, check with the horn, headlights, and taillights.

D. Is it ok to drive with a pillion rider in your e-scooter?

Yes. In India, it is legal to ride with another person on your e-scooter. However, keep in mind that you should not overload your e-bikes with more than 2 people on board.

E. How often you should go for battery and vehicle checkups?

Both the vehicle’s and battery’s condition of older electric scooters must be examined every 2-3 months. Always take your battery scooty to an authorized service center if you notice anomalies such as reduced mileage or range, or overheating.

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