Electric Bikes Business Ideas 2023

There is no disputing that electric vehicles, or EVs, such as electric bikes and e-scootys, will reign in the coming years of the 21st century. It has been noted, according to sources, that for a variety of reasons, consumers have chosen to invest more in electric scooter bikes than normal fuel bikes. The EV business is gradually taking shape in the country and the demand is consistently building up. Many experts believe that it is the right time to start a new business with electric bikes or electric cars. This feature will let you find the best electric bikes business ideas 2023.

Best electric bikes business ideas 2023 || Top EV Scooter Startups

While there are several well-known companies on the list that are discontinuing their operations or switching to the development of electric bikes, some are also starting to produce customized electric bikes themselves, while many are investing in starting an electric bike rental business or creating gears and accessories for electric bikes. People have been considering innovative solutions to help electric scooters and bikes expand in light of rising fuel prices and environmental concerns.

How can Electric Bikes set a compelling business idea for business-minded people?

Since electric two-wheelers have mostly established themselves as a successful commodity in the market that is normally dominated by petrol bikes, it is encouraging to see that the Indian government also supports the idea of smart electric scooters and electric bikes. Newly formed government policies are fostering the creation and manufacture of electric bikes, as well as the batteries and accessories that go with them. 

Companies like AMO Mobility Solutions and others have seized the opportunity to enter this anticipated EV market and produce high-quality electric scooters for youngsters and adults at competitive prices, just like all other existing brands.

E SCOOTYLightweight electric bikes have become a safer and more efficient option for daily commuters due to growing traffic on the roads. As growing fuel prices are having a disastrous effect on the middle-class population in India, the development of electric bikes has made them an inexpensive option for people. Environmental dangers including pollution, global warming, and climate change have also begun to affect consumer behavior, and many are switching to electric bikes or EV scooters instead of conventional fuel bikes and scooters.

At this time, both the government and investors offer a great deal of help to those who engage in the electric vehicles business. In India, a frenzy of investment into e-bike business ideas has already begun to produce positive results. 

In the last 4-5 years, over 75 businesses have already appeared in the EV industry; the bulk of these companies manufacture battery scooters and electric bikes, but some also offer services related to EVs like battery swapping, e-bike rentals, last-mile delivery using EV scooters, etc.

So, if you have a business-minded nature, you can profit from more than just demand. In reality, you may generate fresh demand for not only these e-vehicles but also the following related services and business concepts.

Top 4 e-bike business ideas for you in 2023

A. Electric Bike rental stores

An amazing idea that increases its appeal to consumers who need affordable rental vehicles to get from one point to another is the charging scooter or e bike rental service. There are numerous reputable hourly or daily electric bike rental services already existing in India that charge appropriately by renting out electric bikes. Customers can afford to hire electric bikes to use for transportation to various locations, while service providers make a healthy profit. 

Due to growing petrol prices, Rapido rental services and similar services have become more expensive. According to observations, e-bikes and battery scooters can replace the void in favor of EV rental businesses.

AMO Electric Bikes is one such e-bike manufacturer that intends to partner with rental firms to deliver affordable electric mobility solutions that will save more money for rental customers. E-scooter rentals are one of those business ideas that won't be impacted by the recession. So, as a business, you will have ample room to innovate and maneuver.

B. Accessories and gear manufacturing

A few firms in India are also producing improved gears and accessories for electric scooters as more novel and cutting-edge ideas are being offered to the marketplace for electric bikes. Some firms are also selling accessories and gears through their dedicated ecommerce sites in India. 

Many businesspeople are seeking methods to transfer China's manufacturing expertise to India, which already aspires to become a major EV hub, as tensions between the two countries escalate. Along with having a strong supply chain from India, entrepreneurs stand to gain greatly if they can lure the manufacturing of gear and accessories from China to India.

You only need to keep up with the bike market to be aware of the various kinds of accessories created. Common accessories and gear consist of:

a. Batteries

b. Alloy wheels

c. Adult and Kid Helmets

d. Jackets

e. Leg guards

f. Battery Scooter Carry Strap

g. EV Scooter Bag

h. Phone Mount or Mobile Holder

Did you know? – Since electric bikes are typically portable and light, you might never need safety gear when riding one at a reasonable speed. Wearing a high-quality helmet and gear is advised if you are riding a high-speed battery scooter like the AMO Mobility's Jaunty Plus, Ola's S1 Pro, Revolt's RV 400, etc.

C. Electric bike conversion kit

Many ecologically aware individuals are quite concerned about using their petrol-powered scooters and motorcycles. Many businesses in India have recently developed novel ways to convert outdated petrol bikes and scooters into electric ones.

E BIKE PRICEFor electric bikes and EV scooters, a proper battery and motor are typically required to build the power tram. Earlier, the majority of it came from China. However, as India develops the infrastructure and market for EVs to succeed, entrepreneurs have begun to produce their own electric mobility conversion kits for customers wishing to upgrade their outdated petrol scooters and bikes.

Using a conversion kit is more sensible because it allows customers to save more money even if the electric bike price is significantly lesser than traditional petrol bikes.

D. Last-mile delivery business

The last-mile delivery service, which you frequently see with DHL, DTDC, Gati, etc., is one of the most popular electric bike business ideas for 2023. These businesses have long maintained their existence by using huge diesel trucks to move items.

By 2024, India's market for last-mile delivery will be worth over $6 billion. According to NITI Aayog, greater EV adoption could lower logistics costs in India and give more scope to logistic and last-mile delivery companies.

Due to the growing popularity of electric vehicles, firms that provide last-mile delivery services are expecting to undergo significant internal change as they attempt to reduce costs by using electric vehicles.

Wrap Up:-

Though there are numerous electric bike business ideas to do in India, these 4 aforementioned business ideas currently dominate the Indian market. If you have enough tenacity and expertise, you can easily shine in any EV business in India as the market is influenced by lowering electric bike prices and rising fuel costs.

If you want to know more about good electric bikes and EV scooters, you can visit your nearest e bike dealership. Many companies like AMO Mobility Solutions, Hero, and Okinawa offers test ride at their respective electric bike dealership in India, and you can certainly enjoy it free of cost.

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