E Scooter Jaunty Plus now at Rs 74,460 (Ex-showroom) after FAME 2 subsidy

Government subsidy on electric bikes and scooters have proved vital for electric vehicle sales in India. Electric scooter subsidies are helping a lot to both manufacturers and consumers. AMO Mobility Solutions, a premium electric two-wheelers manufacturer based out of Noida, has benefited immensely from the FAME II subsidy program for its registered model electric scooter Jaunty Plus by the Indian government. 

What is the FAME II subsidy program?

The primary objective of the FAME II subsidy for EVs is to make a demand for electric vehicles in India. Citing good growth in the initial period, the Indian government is thrilled to introduce cutting-edge EVs in the Indian market. As the Indian government has an ambitious program to gradually phase out ICE vehicles, the FAME II subsidy on electric scooter and bike can be considered critical.

The government has attempted to address a number of concerns that were experienced by the segment with the current FAME II subsidy policy, which is essentially an advanced form of FAME-1. A few of the significant improvements made by the government in this area are the relation between demand incentives and battery capacity, localization provisions, etc.

FAME II subsidy for electric two-wheeler, which would cost Rs. 10,000 crores, has received government approval. Roughly 86 percent of the entire budgetary support has been set aside for the Demand Incentive in order to boost the market for electric vehicles in the nation. 

Indian two-wheeler producers must fulfill particular requirements before any two-wheeler is eligible for the FAME II subsidy. The electric two-wheeler must be capable of having a speed of at least 40 kmph and a range of 80 kilometers and above on a single charge. In order to support the Make-in-India mission, the subsidy program also places a strong emphasis on localized manufacturing.

So, Jaunty Plus, made by AMO Electric Bikes, certainly becomes more affordable as it comes under the FAME II subsidy. This high speed electric scooter Jaunty Plus can travel at almost 50+ kmph and gets you a range of 108* kms in a single charge. More about this cutting-edge electric bike in India is detailed below. 

Jaunty Plus: An electric two-wheeler delight

For your pleasure, Jaunty Plus qualifies for the FAME II subsidy due to its characteristics. As a result, the entire cost of this gorgeous electric scooter is significantly diminished. Jaunty Plus price after FAME II subsidy is Rs. 74,460, road tax not included.

Industry experts have hailed the FAME II subsidy model Jaunty Plus as the most affordable, fast, and long-distance electric two-wheeler. This electric bike has frequently been mentioned in reputable news outlets and has delighted customers with its cutting-edge features. This electric scooter is offered by all AMO dealers located throughout the nation.

The finest feature of subsidised electric scooter Jaunty Plus is its advanced electronics, which together increase security and safety. The EABS technology used in the e-bike increases its braking power throughout all weather conditions. The Side Stand Sensor and Speed Control Switch are also included.

Jaunty Plus is more sophisticated than its rivals because it combines lightweight features with a powerful, agile body that allows it to cruise comfortably and do maneuvers. The electric bike is perfect for Indian riders who experience range anxiety. It is quite amazing that there isn't a cheaper e-bike available in India for this price as Jaunty Plus, and our firm, AMO Mobility Solutions, can be extremely proud of this fact.

Why buy Jaunty Plus electric scooter?

Jaunty Plus triumphs thanks to its cutting-edge features and simplicity of use. You should purchase our Jaunty Plus electric scooter in India for a wide range of reasons. See the following 4 reasons to buy a premium electric bikes in India; i.e. Jaunty Plus.

Lightweight and Fast

Jaunty Plus provides both speed and lightweight delight. Hence, it is very comfortable for riders to handle this e-bike with ease. With high speed, you can also reach your destinations faster. 

Low maintenance

The sophisticated battery-powered electric vehicle Jaunty Plus requires little maintenance. Jaunty Plus does not require you to replace parts, change the engine oil, or perform other necessary repairs. Our e-bike costs less to maintain since it eliminates a complicated mechanical system that is found in ICE vehicles.

Battery Warranty

AMO places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. In light of this, we provide exceptional warranty plans to Jaunty Plus customers. The battery and vehicle warranties on electric scooter Jaunty Plus is 3 years/30,000km.

Range Multiplier

Jaunty Plus triumphs at a time when the majority of electric two-wheelers fall short of offering sufficient range. The maximum range of the Jaunty Plus, the best e-bike in India, is 108+ kilometers, which is sufficient for travel within cities in the nation.

Final Reflections

The Jaunty Plus is a ground-breaking electric scooter that has charmed customers all around the nation for less than Rs. 75,000. Large tubeless tyres and a flawless suspension system on this e-scooter improve the riding pleasure. Check out the nearby AMO electric bikes showroom to purchase Jaunty Plus right now.

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