Best Electric Bike In India - How To Identify One?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are turning out to be immensely popular among the Indian youths in recent years - not just men but also flattening even the homely ladies and corporate or professional ones. Anyone who is interested in buying an electric vehicle (EV) to enjoy a seamless and soundless riding experience while saving the ecology may purchase a variety of electric two-wheelers on the market at amazing rates. Experts are now anticipating a significant transition, with the country seeing a wide range of electric vehicles in the next few years.

So, what is the mantra behind electric bikes in India? Why are they in high demand? Is it really worth buying an electric bike for Indian roads and streets? Such questions commonly arise for folks who are new to electric bikes and their mass adoption. Generally, if you buy an electric bike or scooter, you are actually helping to preserve the environment because electric vehicles or EVs are environmentally benign and do not emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Moreover, there is no need for a driving license if you are planning to buy basic and low-speed EVs.  Most EVs are also exempted from registration although an Electric Bike Dealership would be the best place to acquire more information. 

Before we move further with identifying the best electric bike in India, this feature will let you know some common myths that make the EV scene ugly in the country despite having a fertile prospect for a healthy future and environment.

7 Common Myths Involving Electric Bikes In India

A. Electric bikes are prone to accidents – This is an immature statement or myth. Their ergonomic design is way better than conventional vehicles while they can be also slowed down quickly as they are lighter and agile.

B. EVs eat up batteries quickly, resulting in replacements at regular intervals – Again, this statement is untrue. Usually, normal batteries can last for 2-5 years while high-quality e-scooty and electric bikes are available with 1 year of battery warranty. You can buy from a genuine e-bike dealership of Amo Mobility, which is an emerging and best e-bike company in India.

C. Electric bikes are lightweight hence, their body is fragile and prone to crash – Yes, e-bikes and e-scooter are lighter due to the presence of few moving or frictional parts but they are not as fragile as glass. Their streamlined and sleek ergonomic design makes them safer than conventional petrol bikes.

D. Buying and maintaining electric bikes is a costly affair – Absolutely not, if you calculate the overall cost efficiency, where petrol and diesel have already crossed the century mark in many major cities of the country.

E. Electric bikes can’t be upgraded – Most electric bikes are equipped with advanced electronic sensors and machinery that can be upgraded to add integrated features like theft security/alarms, maintenance reminders, air pressure check, and you can even attach mounted LCD displays directly integrated to phone or mobile network.

F. Electric bikes components are costly and rare – Most components of EVs are priced optimally, not expensive. On the other hand, almost all the major manufacturers have developed an adequate amount of spare parts for their respective EVs or Electric Bikes In India. There will be no shortage of spare parts.

G. Charging electric bikes is a big problem – The statement is unfounded as Electric Scooty and bikes are available with replaceable batteries that can be charged from a direct electric source or by using a USB adapter charger just like you charge your smartphone. Additionally, the governments of India and many private players have already started installing more charging stations on highways and roads at regular intervals to ease consumers of the charging issues.

H. Electric bikes are causing sound pollution – The real fact is that electric or battery bikes in India produce relatively little noise, which comes from the engine and they produce far less noise and vibration as compared to regular petrol/diesel bikes.

Identifying The Best Electric Bike In India

Perhaps, it is the most challenging thing to do for numerous EV enthusiasts who are not familiar with the overall system of EV. The best electric bikes may not be costly but they will surely be the ones, which will bring the utmost comfort and enhanced user experience. 

The 5 most common attributes that you need to check to identify the Best Electric Scooters in India are as follows – 

A. Battery System/Rating, Number of Batteries, Battery Consumption Power, and Charging Time

B. Engine Configuration, RPM, Mileage, Speed of the EV, and Engine Chassis

C. Performance of brakes, wheels, suspension, and other components like sensors and display system

D. Additional features that contribute to ergonomic design and style, pillion riding feature, etc.

E. Total Weight of EV vs Top Speed and Maintenance Schedule

In the end, it is your call to determine whether to go with EV or not. If you want to listen to the expert’s opinion, then they are quite straightforward who strongly recommend using a relatively well-built electric bike that can go anywhere between 60-100 kms at one go or with a completely charged battery.

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