As World EV Day 2022 Nears, Find 5 Reasons To Buy Your Favorite Electric Bike In India

Society is constantly undergoing historic technological shifts and the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) is yet another revolutionary invention that will impact the future. Additionally, as more and more people move to metropolitan areas across the world, there is an increasing need for an effective, sustainable, and ecologically friendly transportation alternative to vehicles. World EV day, which is celebrated 9th of September every year, is poised to see another significant milestone where an array of EV manufacturers will showcase their latest inventions in the EV sector. A huge amount of investments have already been declared before the mega event that is to be held across the world. 

India is also witnessing a major transformation with eco-friendly and electric mobility. Electric Bikes in India has stormed the market with increased sales while consumers are equally elated with new types of electric vehicles (EVs). Here are the top 5 reasons why electric vehicles are the way of the future for the many people who are still hesitant to adopt them.

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1) Cheaper to operate & maintain

The major reason why so many consumers prefer EVs is due to the fact that they have high efficiency and they are cheaper to operate as compared to their fossil fuel-powered counterparts. It is because of energy provided by Li-ion or VRLA batteries, which costs way less than refilling tanks with petrol or diesel. Furthermore, they produce less pollution, require minimal maintenance, and provide agility on the road thanks to their lightweight nature. According to experts, running an electric scooter in India is nine to ten times more affordable than running a petrol scooter or bike.

2) Better for the environment

E scooters are a sustainable form of transportation that can help millions of people live in a more environmentally conscious way. Some research suggests that the planet might not be able to deal with all the greenhouse gas emissions coming from an exorbitant number of fossil-fueled vehicles running on the planet. So, electric mobility is an urgent remedy to curtail pollution and the emission of toxic gases. 

E Bikes and Scooters produce zero emissions and when they are adopted in large numbers can have a significant impact on reducing toxic emissions.

3) Smooth & Fun Driving Experience

Electric vehicles are thought to provide us with a once-in-a-lifetime driving experience. As time goes on, more people are choosing to drive electric vehicles because they are lightweight and can be handled with ease. Due to less noise and less machinery involved in electric vehicles, the driving experience is highly enhanced. Many prefer riding electric scooters as they are fun to drive with minimal complexity. Being lightweight, you also get better agility and maneuverability. 

4) Smart Riding 

The latest generation of e-bikes and electric scooty are fitted with a range of cutting-edge electronics, which makes them amazingly smart and futuristic. The integration of advanced safety and entertainment features like music and navigation services are equally remarkable to have. 

e scootyIoT services have also been rolled out with many electric vehicles that will certainly boost the riding experience and enable more smart technology. Having them in your electric vehicles is always a wonderful thing in a time when digital technology is always evolving.

5) Convenient Home Charging 

Electric scooters or e bikes in India are highly advantageous due to the rechargeable electric system. These products offer convenience in charging facilities by working on batteries that can be recharged at any time and at any place, as is necessary. 

Additionally, many businesses have installed battery swapping stations at petrol stations and highways where you can simply swap out your old, broken batteries for new ones or be recharged at a low fee. Numerous entrepreneurs and even government agencies that wish to see EVs adopted widely in India have applauded such actions. 


There are plenty of reasons why people are ditching their old two-wheelers and petrol scooters for cutting-edge E Bikes in India. Consumers can become aware of EVs so that the planet can stop emitting poisonous gases when World EV Day witnesses the most recent advancements in electric mobility technology and collaborates with different companies to make EVs more affordable to purchase.

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