AMO Widening E-Mobility in India for a net-zero future

The Indian Prime Minister has stated on various occasions relating transportation, business sustainability, and the environment that India should become a net zero nation. Numerous startups and businesses are currently working around the clock in the country to accomplish this achievement, many of which were helped by strong investments and many of which have formed joint ventures with foreign firms. AMO Mobility Solutions, situated in Noida, is one such business that is steadily expanding its presence throughout India for a net zero future.

How AMO Widening E-Mobility in India for a net-zero future?

An effective leader who is diligent and knowledgeable in the business world oversees AMO Mobility Solutions  and its entire development. With minimal outside assistance, NIT graduate Sushant Kumar founded AMO Electric Bikes Company in the year 2018. Four years later, he and his business are looking forward to a momentous occasion when their endeavor will have over 300 electric bike dealerships around India.

Mr. Sushant showed incredible perseverance throughout AMO'S journey, which may be considered the primary driver of AMO'S astounding 500 percent YoY growth. The company has excellent executive leadership, as well as strong products and services, which is primarily because of the company's substantial talent resources.

electric bikesIn India, where pollution levels are at an all-time high and are endangering human life due to climate change and global warming, net zero is urgently needed. AMO was quick to recognize the disaster and diligently sought a fix. So, the question of how Mr. Sushant and AMO expanded e-mobility in India to achieve a net-zero emissions country now has to be answered.

A. To start, Mr. Sushant has established an attainable goal of creating marketable goods that are reliable, sustainable, and affordable. His electric bike or battery scooter, like the Jaunty, Inspirer, Jaunty Plus, Jaunty Pro,  Jaunty-3W, Brisk or Feisty, became a logical option for Indian consumers as growing fuel prices spur consumer unrest. E-bikes from AMO were not only effective; they also adhere to Sushant's objective to be reliable, sustainable, and economical.

B. Secondly, when they signed over a hundred dealerships in the nation, Mr. Sushant's vision of transforming e-mobility in India into mass mobility experienced massive triumph. As a result of stable revenue and high market anticipation, AMO Electric Bikes gradually became the talk of every town. AMO currently has more than 260 e-bike dealerships around the country, and the business is also considering expanding its production facilities to meet the growing demand.

The fact that AMO Electric Bikes is successful in India and is competing fiercely with major brands to achieve net zero growth is due in part to its high product quality and first-rate customer care. The Jaunty Plus electric bike from AMO is an intensely competitive model in the medium-weight class. This e-scooter not only boasts excellent speed and mileage but also demanding due to minimal maintenance requirements. As a result of its smooth operation and absence of noise, AMO'S easy-to-ride electric bikes are a true treat.

Best 3 EV Scooty in India For Net Zero Future || Amo E Bikes

AMO Electric Bikes is highly successful due to their high-efficiency e bikes. If you are trying to buy an electric scooty, you should stop by AMO’S electric bike franchise or e bike dealership in your town to test drive their premium models including Jaunty Plus, which is a high speed electric scooter. Discover below AMO'S top 3 battery scootys that are currently on show at all EV bike dealerships.

a. Jaunty Plus

The incredibly efficient Jaunty Plus is propelled by a cutting-edge Li-ion battery that offers you a modest speed of 50 kmph and a range of 120 kilometers. This EV not only costs less, but it also relieves you of expensive maintenance. Because of its uncomplicated operation and mobility capabilities, Jaunty Plus may be operated by any member of the family. A pure thrill with Jaunty Plus is the digital display, EABS, Speed Control Switch, and warranty package.

b. Inspirer

AMO'S lightweight Inspirer two-wheeler EV is suited for commuting within cities. This model is powered by the affordable VRLA battery type. These batteries provide both a long lifespan and quick charging capabilities. With an optimal speed of 25 kmph, the Inspirer can provide you with a range of 75 to 100 kilometres, making it ideal for congested Indian cities and towns. The elegant Inspirer, which comes in three colours, has superb aerodynamic characteristics that enable improved mobility.

c. Brisk

Brisk is a new treasure in the lightweight category that was just introduced at an AMO Mobility Solutions event celebrating the company's fourth foundation year. This two-wheeled electric vehicle is compact and has a 100-kilometer maximum range. Although many claims that Brisk is the most efficient EV on the market, it is unstoppable due to its higher pickup power and excellent climbing abilities in steep terrain. This battery scooter also has an EABS, a side stand sensor, and a digital display.

How to find AMO electric scooter agency near me? Electric bikes showroom near me

There is a significant possibility that if you live in a top tier-2 or tier-3 city or town, as well as a tier-1 one, you will find an AMO Electric Bikes EV showroom nearby. AMO is present in over 20 states and UTs around the nation.

Otherwise, you can look for one on Google Maps. You can also use the following search terms in Google or Bing to find the AMO electric scooter dealership near your location.

a. electric scooter in India

b. electric scooter in Jaipur 

c. electric bike in Ghaziabad

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FAQs AMO EV Dealership

A. Can I get an e bike below Rs. 80,000 from Amo dealers?

Yes, definitely. Jaunty model and Inspirer are ideal if you are looking for the best electric scooter under 80000.

B. Does AMO dealership also provide service and repair?

Yes, all dealers have an impeccable track record of excellent service and maintenance capability. 

C. Can I start AMO Electric Bikes dealership business? If so, what would be the E bike Dealership cost from AMO?

electric bikes in indiaTo register with Amo and launch your own EV franchise business in India, go to their dealership page. The best part is that you may get started by leveraging Amo’s electric bike dealership opportunity for as little as Rs. 10 lakh.

D. Does AMO Electric Bikes EV dealers have 3 wheel scooter in India?

Jaunty-3W is a 3 wheel Scooter, which is available at many AMO dealers in India. These EVs for handicapped or 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for adult in India gives great performance with minimal maintenance. 

E. Can I start AMO’S electric bike showroom In Patna?

AMO Electric Bikes already has a dealer in Patna, but if you would like to add another dealership in the greater Patna city, you may get in touch with AMO by signing up for their dealership on their website.

F. Is an electric bike dealership investment with AMO Electric Bikes a good opportunity?

The popularity of electric vehicles, particularly e bikes and e scooters, is growing, which is why there are more and more e scooter dealers and franchises popping up all across India. If you want to start an AMO Electric Bikes EV dealership business in India, there is a lot of demand and potential for profit.

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