AMO Accelerating Sustainability With Top Class Electric Bikes In India

AMO Accelerating Sustainability With Top Class Electric Bikes In India

Emerging EV brands like AMO Mobility Solutions are doing everything possible to ensure sustainability is a top priority in the transportation industry. AMO, a Noida-based company, has achieved early success in the electric vehicle (EV) industry and amassed a sizable dealer network, which is speeding its objective to provide sustainable transportation options for India. 

Why AMO’s rise in sustainable mobility is a lesson for all aspiring EV entrepreneurs?

AMO, which was established in 2018, is run by a seasoned executive who formerly worked for Tata Motors in the procurement division. Mr. Sushant Singh is an expert on electric vehicles because of his time spent in China sourcing essential supplies and materials for Tata Motors. Mr. Sushant, who earned his engineering degree from NIT, Jamshedpur, played a crucial role in guiding AMO Mobility Solutions and assisted the business in the introduction of cutting-edge two-wheeler EVs for middle-class and rural Indians.

Strong willpower, outstanding teamwork, and business acumen are the elements that Mr. Sushant instilled in his firm, and they have all contributed to the expansion of his business. AMO now counts over 260 plus dealerships, and word of the company's success is disseminated throughout the country via several news media outlets.

electric bikesAlthough AMO'S expansion is admirable, the company's achievement in business development cannot be discounted. A capable management team and a strong sales staff have been deployed by the organization. Additionally, the company, which aims to raise $100 million over the following few years, benefits from offering high-quality goods at competitive prices. 

AMO Electric Bikes dealers are currently available in over 20 states and UTs, and the company expects to have over 300 dealerships in the near future. AMO, an up-and-coming EV brand, has experienced 500 percent YoY growth, which is considered a pure catalyst for the company's willingness to make significant gains in its industry.  

When estimating a company's growth, one should always count on employee engagement. AMO prides itself on having a solid personnel base that is adept at timely executions and delivering extraordinarily high performance.

Is AMO capable enough to drive sustainability in the mobility sector?

Without collaborating with other service providers and even governmental entities, no company can provide sustainable transportation solutions. For instance, the government of India's subsidies and incentives schemes, which are offered to both manufacturers and end users, respectively, have proven essential for all EV manufacturers. Therefore, AMO Mobility Solutions has greatly benefited from lowering the price of its electric bikes in this regard. AMO has been able to increase demand for their two-wheeler EVs and generate more profit in this way.

In addition, AMO Electric Bikes is prepared to increase the capacity of its factory, which will enable it to build additional EVs with cutting-edge features and highly effective batteries.

According to data, AMO has introduced more than 5 models to date. Most auto experts have praised the firm for its Jaunty series electric bikes, which are renowned for offering exceptional mileage at a speed that is optimal. On the other hand, AMO's Inspirer is a family-oriented model that has significantly competed with other EVs from top manufacturers like Hero, Bajaj, Ola, etc. Feisty and Brisk, which are both effective and require minimal maintenance, are your best options if you're searching for a lightweight electric bike. 

Today, AMO'S mission of offering dependable, eco-friendly or sustainable, and reasonably priced two-wheeler EVs can be lauded for the fact that it has the capacity to develop premium mobility solutions for regular Indians. With more security and safety features, AMO'S electric scooters can now provide a better riding experience. Modern aerodynamics have improved the maneuverability and efficiency of AMO electric scooters. There is a lot to discover about AMO and its e-scooters in the section below.

AMO’s sustainable offerings: Top class electric bikes in India

If your items aren't good, you can't offer sustainable options. AMO Mobility Solutions has put a lot of effort into this industry to expand its product offerings while maintaining excellent standards. AMO e-bikes, which have a sleek and dynamic appearance, offer optimum efficiency so that you can save more money. AMO established a cutting-edge facility in Noida to handle trendy designs and improve the functionalities and experience of its electric two-wheelers. The best sustainable electric bikes made by AMO in India are listed below and are available from any AMO dealer in your town or city.  

e scootyA. Jaunty Plus: Jaunty Plus, a pure EV beast with cutting-edge features and enhanced aerodynamics, is propelled by a 1.265 kW brushless DC motor. Jaunty Plus is well-known in the industry for its superior mileage as well as its extended warranty and safety features. For enhanced safety, Jaunty Plus, for instance, comes with a Side Stand Sensor and a Speed-Controlling Switch, and its 3-year vehicle and battery guarantee is undoubtedly tempting to customers.

With regard to performance, Jaunty Plus can provide you with a range or mileage of more than 108 kilometers at a satisfactory speed of 50 kmph. The fact that this superb e-scooty has a digital display and stunning illumination from LED lights is its best asset.

B. Inspirer: AMO'S Inspirer electric scooter is a fantastic choice if you want something compact and portable. With tubeless tyres placed on alloy wheels, this two-wheeled EV provides a superior ride in addition to being economical. The digital display and LED headlights on the very battery-operated scooter make it both beautiful and flashy. The finest feature of this e-bike is its powerful brushless DC motor, which provides it with excellent pickup and acceleration.

Regarding its batteries, the Inspirer boasts of a powerful VRLA battery system that charges quickly in 2 hours and fully in 6 hours. The Inspirer has been hailed as the ultimate lightweight electric scooter with a range of more than 100 kilometers.

C. Feisty: This gorgeous, aerodynamically-designed electric scooter is both lightweight and useful, and it can provide the ideal riding experience whether it is being used in a city or on busy streets. In recent news, Feisty has gained attention for being one of the top two-wheelers for India's tier-2 towns. This electric scooter sports a potent DC motor with a 249-watt output and a range of 75 to 100 kilometers, depending on battery power. The main feature of this powerful electric scooter is that you can quickly charge the batteries that have been discharged in as little as two hours using fast-charging capabilities.

Fiesty is available with disc and drum brakes at the front and rear ends, respectively, and is thought to be the perfect e-scooter for intracity commuting. This electric vehicle has stunning LED headlights and taillights, and you can easily access its safety features like the side-stand sensor, EABS, and speed-control switch.

C. Brisk: The newest member of the AMO family was recently introduced during the company's fourth foundation year celebration by Bollywood singing legend Master Saleem. When it comes to optimized speeding, this e-scooter is amazing. EVs benefit greatly from optimized speeds since it guarantees greater efficiency and performance. It is perfect for both men and women, as well as senior riders who will find Brisk to be lightweight and well-balanced.

A VRLA battery system and a brushless DC motor with a 249-watt output power the Brisk electric scooter. There are LED headlights and bulb taillights available for this e mobility system from AMO.

How AMO is offering its sustainable electric bikes in India and getting good success?

AMO'S success is mostly down to its outstanding leadership abilities as well as its sharp business sense, which helped to generate a healthy demand. In addition, AMO is spending a lot of money on product design and quality, which has raised customer satisfaction.

The success of your company may depend on how closely you stick to AMO'S plan if you also wish to launch an EV startup. You must be wondering how AMO Electric Bikes achieved lasting mobility success in India. Find out how below.

a. Demand creation

AMO has adapted to a strong marketing strategy that is geared toward raising demand for electric mobility as well as knowledge of it. AMO Mobility Solutions has deliberately positioned itself in India's top tier-2 and tier-3 cities where its marketing capabilities are well-received by the public. The business depends on a robust, capable marketing team to increase AMO'S presence and traffic through traditional and digital media. 

electric bikes in indiab. Better products

AMO is aggressively investing in product design to aid with better products in the inventory and has employed skilled individuals from the market for that. For instance, Jaunty Plus and Inspirer have different goals and performance levels but both have experienced phenomenal sales growth. This is because the products' quality continues to be both crucial and alluring. AMO'S Noida plant is always investing in the newest equipment to produce innovative, far-above-average mobility solutions that can compete with top brands.

c. Battery building

The fact that EV batteries are still developing and don't always provide optimal performance is clearly the reason why the majority of people are hesitant to buy EVs. AMO has disproved this widespread misconception by creating premium, advanced, and reliable VRLA and Li-ion batteries. Since there haven't been any fire mishaps involving AMO scooters to date, it can be said that AMO'S ability to build quality batteries is commendable. The company's success in the sustainable mobility sector can be attributed to the high-quality batteries in its scooters, which don't need frequent or expensive maintenance.

d. Extended warranty

AMO Electric Bikes has played its warranty card incredibly successfully to draw customers in a competitive environment when other manufacturers struggle to gain a sizable market share. AMO began with a battery and vehicle warranty that was three times as long as that of its more established market rivals. Audiences are drawn to extended warranties because they guarantee cheap maintenance costs for riders.

e. Raising awareness for EVs

As previously said, AMO and its marketing team play a key role in attracting new customers. The business publishes its happenings through a variety of platforms and media. Through the dissemination of educational content and eye-catching images, the business has developed a significant Facebook community. The corporation is continually spending money on social media and other online platforms like YouTube to educate the public about the advantages of EVs and to encourage them to avoid ICE vehicles, which are to blame for escalating pollution and global warming.

f. Extraordinary service

AMO Mobility Solutions is most renowned for its service, which has pleased end customers and dealers alike. To comprehend consumer inquiries and provide quick solutions, the business has hired a competent service crew. Your e-bike can easily be serviced by any AMO dealers in the area. Below is further information regarding AMO'S after-sales services?

AMO accelerating sustainability with top-class after-sales service

AMO Mobility Solutions has created a highly skilled staff of customer support specialists who are able to respond to inquiries practically instantly. AMO'S service team is adamant about implementing new technologies to improve service, which also includes after-sales services, whether it is for dealers or end users.

AMO constantly stays to the fundamentals when it comes to service because it is obvious that a business cannot grow considerably without providing excellent after-sales service.

Learn below how AMO is creating extraordinary success in accelerating sustainability with quality service. 

A. Dealers/Franchise Training

It is crucial to give dealers and franchisees top-notch training since a company cannot expand if its dealers are not capable. AMO has been successful in accelerating sustainability by offering dealers and its staff cost-effective and comprehensive training. AMO gives dealers access to product manuals, regularly hosts dealer training sessions, imparts product-related wisdom and EV troubleshooting techniques, and assists dealers in developing related skills. That also piques dealers' interest in alliance, and helps them comprehend the state of the electric scooter market, and partners with distributors and dealers at main festivals to promote their products.

e bike company in indiaB. Effective After-Sales Support

Any automobile or electric vehicle manufacturer that wants to increase sales and retain customers must prioritize after-sale support. Customers will spread the word about their great experience to family and friends if they are satisfied with the merchandise and after-sales offerings. With its superior after-sales support, that has created a coveted brand image. When it comes to its dealers, franchises, and community or customers, the company is constantly on the alert.

C. Quick Turnaround Time

AMO has a rapid turnaround time, or TAT, which is a sign of its efficiency in the service department. You can get immediate servicing from any nearby AMO Electric Bikes dealers if you have any concerns about your AMO EV. The technical staff at dealers is highly skilled and will ensure the best troubleshooting at a rapid pace to get your vehicle operating as soon as feasible.

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