4 Benefits of E Mobility that helps the Environment

The tragic consequences of global warming due to rising CO2 and greenhouse gases have seen devastating effects across all continents. Frequent flooding, rising temperature, irregular rainfalls, melting of polar ice-caps are some frequent occurrences that are happening due to global warming and rising pollution across the globe, which is shifting the environment to a point where life on earth is threatened. This makes e mobility one of the leading remedies all over the world. The devastating effects on the environment are fueling the need for electric mobility and mobility that are powered by renewable energy.

On one hand, many nations are still dependent on traditional means of power production with non-renewable sources; on the other hand, human inability to transform into newer and safer means of energy is also a major concern. The latter can be associated with a lack of awareness and inept attitudes. 

At this tragic moment, there are over 3 billion cars, bikes, and scooters, which are running all over the world emitting huge amounts of CO2 and other toxic gases. Imagine the impact on the environment if all of them are replaced with electric mobility. This is why electric mobility or e-mobility has become so vital that every country is pushing towards it with the help of performing governments and innovative manufacturers and entrepreneurs. 

To increase awareness of e mobility among the global populace, informative pieces are quite necessary like this one. This feature is made to make people aware of the benefits of e mobility on the environment while it will also reveal some crucial technology innovations on electric mobility in India.

Benefits of e-mobility on the environment

Electric vehicles save about 35-40% more energy than conventional automobiles due to their higher overall efficiency. The e mobility system produces up to 46% fewer greenhouse gases than vehicles with thermal propulsion i.e. vehicles that run with internal combustion engines. Additional environmental and economic benefits include more efficient energy storage in the batteries, enabling for greater use of renewable energy sources.

These are just basic realizations as we are still in the 1st generation of electric mobility with fewer technical features. But, the benefits of e-mobility on the environment go beyond just numbers as it is still evolving from an infant stage. 4 benefits of e-mobility are as follows:

A. Going green and clean: It is a universal truth - electric mobility is almost zero-emission in 2021 but it is still almost. This means there are scopes to enhance technology and achieve complete carbon neutrality in the near future. With this aim, you can find a green and clean environment.

B. Going soundless: As technology is evolving exponentially at a rapid pace, you can expect more innovation with the motor and other frictional parts that contribute to noise pollution. Achieving the “Absolute Noiseless State” is something that still startles the scientists who are working on the phenomenon to beat relentless noise pollution.

C. Aim to reduce local temperature: The rise of temperature is obvious at an industrial scale but when you consider a particular town, e-mobility can help reduce temperature significantly by reducing the road surface temperature. It happens as electric scooters and electric bikes have reduced dependency on exhausts that heat the road surface, adding extra Celsius to the overall temperature.

D. Eco-friendliness: Currently, the nature of materials used to make an electric scooter and electric bike is not able to achieve total eco-friendliness i.e. the material harnessing can cause some amount of pollution. Advanced material science technology along with innovative ideas can boost eco-friendliness on a vast scale.

How can the government help achieve mass e-mobility to help the environment?

The primary benefit of going electric is that it enhances people's quality of life by not generating harmful gases. Additionally, because electric scooty and e-bikes do not employ petrol or diesel-powered combustion engines, they do not emit tonnes of greenhouse gases, which aids in the battle against the consequences of climate change.

As a result, it is regarded as critical to attaining sustainable mobility and is gaining increasing endorsement around the globe through government actions such as electrification of metropolitan and suburban public transportation, changes in tax policies, the development of regulatory regimes to govern it, and even its incorporation into planned urban infrastructures.

In India, the government allotted over Rs. 25000 crores as PLI scheme to help manufacturers and aspiring startups working on electric mobility. Additionally, funds have been also explored to help battery makers acquire technology and infrastructure to produce advanced futuristic batteries and energy systems. 

Various dealers and manufacturers like Amo Mobility are also running awareness campaigns in localities to make sure people are aware of the dangers of climate change. Awareness about restricting the use of fossil fuels can help sideline ICE vehicles, which is still the major hurdle for electric mobility in a vast country like India.

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