Boosting the confidence of consumers of FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of both Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) program in India is still another effort by the authorities to increase the use of Electric Vehicles and achieve great numbers in the adoption of EVs by 2030.

The Union Territories like Delhi and Chandigarh are expected to get about 70 such charging channels, said a TOI report. Part of the strategy by the authorities states a cut down on the customs duty. These charging channels will be dispersed across locations giving the EV manufacturers an opportunity to avail incentive advantages and sanction letters. The (DHI) Department of Heavy Industries as of now has approved 2,636 EV charging stations in sixty-two cities across twenty-four states and (UTs) union territories under the second phase of Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of both Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India.

From the total, the chosen 1,633 will likely be rapid charging channels and 1,003 shall be slow charging stations. India looks forward to the installation of 14,000 charging stations as stated by the government. India plans to allot:

Three hundred and seventeen EV charging channels in Maharashtra Two sixty-six in Andhra Pradesh
Two fifty-six in Tamil Nadu
Two eighty-eight in Gujarat
Two hundred and five in Rajasthan
Two hundred and seven in Uttar Pradesh
One seven two in Karnataka
One fifty-nine in Madhya Pradesh
One forty-one in West Bengal
One thirty-eight in Telangana
One thirty-one in Kerala
Seventy-Two at Delhi
Seventy in Chandigarh
Fifty in Haryana
Forty in Meghalaya
Three - seven in Bihar
Two - Nine in Sikkim.
Twenty-five every in Jammu & Kashmir
Twenty-five in Chhattisgarh
Twenty in Assam
Eighteen in Odisha
Ten in Uttarakhand
Ten in Himachal Pradesh
And ten Puducherry

At a recent time the Department of Heavy Industry had invited proposals to deploy EV charging stations in the smart cities of India under the FAME program. The categorization of the cities have been listed as a million-plus city, smart cities, satellite towns that are connected to metropolitan cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad. At an initial level the number of charging stations marked for deploying within the proposal gives a total of approximately 1000 electric vehicles. Back in 2019, in October the Union Power Minister had approved the amendments in EV charging specifications and guidelines.

Today the entities will likely to be issued in stages after ensuring that the availability of property for charging channels, signing of essential arrangements with the concerned partner organizations such as city municipal corporations and authorities. Giving a boost to the confidence of electric scooty users and manufacturers it's anticipated that at least the charging channel will probably be available in the majority of the selected cities at a grid of 4 km x 4 km and one such station to be set up at every 25 km on both sides of the highways. This will give a boost to the electric charging infrastructure in the country which eventually will give rise to more sales of the electric vehicles

It is no question that the electric vehicle communities, sales, manufacturers will defiantly show a remarkable growth in 2020. So if you are a consumer it’s the right time to purchase an electric vehicle or be a part of the change in transforming transformation for a better and a greener tomorrow.

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