Why Amo Motors’ Jaunty Is Taking Over The Electric-Scooter Market?

With technological advancement, the automobile industry is gradually shifting towards electric vehicles, and there is no doubt, the future of mobility lies in electric cars. The name of Amo Mobility Solutions got the attention of buyers when the Uttar Pradesh based e-bike startup had initiated to launch four different models of e-bikes, and since then they didn’t have to turn back. The launch of Amo Motors’ Jaunty a family oriented electric bikes in India has grabbed the attention of the buyers, and it is gradually taking over the e-scooter market in India. In case you are wondering how here are some of the reasons.

More Convenience

In order to offer the highest convenience to the users, Amo Motors have used EVs in their e-bikes. EVs seems to be a better alternative compared to traditional internal combustion motors, and it responds quicker than others. With Amo Motors’ Jaunty, you can charge the bikes at the convenience of your home, office premises or elsewhere. Individuals can use solar energy for charging, and it can minimize the expenses in a unique way.

Impressive Configuration

Jaunty is itself a revolutionary model in the e-scooter segment. It comprises a 249-watt electric motor, and as per the company claim, the total run-distance of the vehicle on a single charge is 75-100km, which is truly impressive. The new-age scooter is family-oriented, and it features GPS, USB based charging slot, Electronic Assisted Braking System, front disc brakes along with telescopic fork suspension, making it a perfect choice for modern buyers.

Advanced Features

Apart from EABS, GPS and USB charging facility, it comes with an engine kill switch, central locking system, anti-theft alarm, side stand sensor which makes the feature-packed model a preferred choice among the buyers. The e-scooter also features a fully digital speedo console with a trip-meter, speedometer, and battery life gauze meter along with a throttle modulation display. Advanced features have been added to grab the attention of modern buyers, and it worked successfully.


Amo Motors’ Jaunty features a lightweight design that won’t fail to get attention. Besides, it has a sporty look, which is designed to provide an exceptional experience every time. The e-scooters come along with cast aluminium alloy, and there are four different colours to choose from.

Other Specifications

Intending to take your experience to a new level, manufacturers have comprised two sets of 60-volt lithium and VRLA batteries. Jaunty features fast charging, and it takes around 3 hours to get your vehicle fully prepared for an adventure. Buyers will get vehicle warranty up to 3 years, and it will help save the cost in case of malfunction within the given timeframe. The battery range on a single charge is 80+ kilometres, and buyers will get a 1-year warranty on the battery as well.
The aforementioned reasons have helped Amo Motors’ Jaunty to take over the e-scooter market in India, and, if you are thinking to invest in the best electric scooter in India, the model will be a perfect choice.

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