Is It Worth It To Go For An Electric Bike In India, Or Should I Stay With Traditional Bikes?

Electric Bike or Traditional Bike- It totally depends on your requirement- if you want to go for modern technology, eco friendly and affordability- Electric Bikes is perfect and if you are ready to pay huge amount in petroleum expenses- Traditional Bikes are okay. Still we have given some points that will help you make a right decision.

Electric Scooters/ electric bikes are smaller and lighter in size compared to a traditional bike. So, Electric Scooter offers a portability feature which you cannot find in traditional bikes.

Just like a mobile phone, you can charge an e-bike/ e- scooter battery by plugging it. Recharge time is around to 5 to 6 hours. Whereas in traditional bikes you have to fill in petrol and we all know how petrol prices have gone up.

Commuting Experience-
As the Electric Scooters/electric bikes are fast and light-they are perfect option for a hassle free commuting. In a city's traffic Electric Scooty plays relevant role so compared to traditional bikes electric scooters is a fastest method of commuting.

So Electric Scooters are not only the perfect commuter vehicles but also a lot affordable than Traditional Bikes. Electric Scooters like Jaunty, Feisty, Inspirer and S-pin are available at pocket friendly prices whereas Traditional Bikes are higher in cost.

Even in the long run you will save a ton of money as petrol prices are costly in India.

E-bikes or Electric Scooty are designed not for racing but for a convenient commuting experience. People are falling in love with E-bikes owing to its safety and speed features. Parents are opting for E-bikes or E- Scooters for their sons and daughters as they are safer and have got medium speed feature compared to traditional bikes.
Electric Scooters/ e-bikes are not only the future of transportation but also offer a nature friendly option to the commuters. So, no doubt it is Worth to go For an Electric Bike in India!

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